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ZS Interview Experience for BTSA (ZS Campus Beats 2022)

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 8, 2022

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ZS conducted a Campus Beats program in march 2022. It was for students graduating in 2023. Students can take part individually or in a team. There were two challenges. 

  • Case challenge
  • Tech challenge

I participated in a team and took the tech challenge. It was a 6 hours test and only one team member can give the test. 

The Tech challenge consists of 3 sections. The first consists of 2 coding questions and the difficulty level are easy-medium. The next section is in the frontend and there were 2 questions (HTML/CSS/Javascript). The last section is DBMS and has 3 SQL questions. The results were declared in April and we cleared the tech challenge. We were given 3 roles and we have to choose one from them. I opted for the BTSA- Business Technology Solution Associate role. 

Technical Interview: I was a simple 30 mins interview conducted on the Monjin platform comprising of questions from the profile, resume Human Resource(HR), DBMS, SQL queries, and puzzles.

  • Introduce yourselves.
  • Explain any one project written in the resume.
  • Difference between delete, truncate and drop.
  • What are DDL and DML?
  • Explain joins and their types.
  • What is indexing and its types?
  • What is a trigger?
  • what are the primary key, foreign key, and candidate key?
  • SQL query: find the 4th highest salary in the table.
  • SQL query: join tables.
  • Puzzle: find the age of mother and daughter.
  • Puzzle: find the speed of the train according to car speed.
  • Puzzle: 8 balls puzzle.

there were around 4-5 SQL queries and around 7-8 puzzles in total asked in the interview.

EBI Interview: This round is particularly designed to check if the interviewee is fit for the company or not, i.e. is he compatible with the motto of the company or not? This round may comprise Puzzles, Guesstimates, Brain Teasers, and questions related to the resume submitted. This interview is taken by a senior ZS leader and is 30 min.

  • Introduce yourselves.
  • Questions about Projects.
  • Tell me something about ZS Associates.
  • Why do you want to join ZS Associates?
  • Guess the total no of cabs needed in first go if our client wants to start the taxi service company like ola, uber in your city

Final Verdict: Selected for the BTSA role for internship + full time.