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Zetdc Interview Experience – GeeksforGeeks

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 22, 2022

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I have had the opportunity to be interviewed by quite a several Organizations in my country dating back to 2019 when I was in college and applying for an internship in IT.  I had been studying Information Security And Assurance at school. Some of the things I learned I hope can inspire others as this is the main goal of writing. 

MY FIRST INTERVIEW (ZETDC – Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company)

  • It all started with me doing the regular application processes visiting organizations door to door and dropping off my CV. Back then I was a student, I was unaware of what would be asked or what interviews were all about.
  • I was called for the interview through all the normal procedures i.e. they called my cell and e-mailed me that my application had been successful. The day of the interview came and when I got there I was so anxious because I would meet my schoolmates who had also been called for the interview and I knew they were threatening to me getting the job because we came from the same school, had been taught the same things and more than that we were friends.
  • There were also other students from other colleges and what made me even more anxious was that we were all put into a single waiting room where they would call us one by one into the interview room
  • While seated in the waiting area, people were discussing random topics but mostly concerning the job at hand. this got me all sweaty and confused and I was now afraid. You would hear a person blurt a topic that you would have no idea what it would be and this would add to the tension which was already overwhelming the room. those who had access to the internet would get to researching then and there but believe me, it works for some people that technique, I honestly believe that no cow will gain weight at the marketplace if it hadn’t already.
  • I and a friend of mine started reading more about the company through the company posters placed all over the room about the company vision, mission statement, and a whole lot more. I would like to believe the time waiting to enter the interview is one of the most nervous times you could ever experience. you could lose your bearings at that moment in time if you are not calm and paying attention to your thoughts.
  • My turn would come to enter the interview and there I was being greeted by a large conference table with five big gentlemen all in fine suits and high chairs looking all geared up for the grilling procedure which was about to happen and they kindly offered me a seat. I was greeted by General Manager, the Human Resources Manager, the IT manager, the Finance manager or something, but it was a financial role this guy had,  and lastly by the IT Support officer. They took turns asking questions related to their general fields of expertise for example, in this particular interview, the HR would ask the general behavior questions trying to see if I could work well with others while the IT guys would be more technical asking me about Programming related questions like what languages I had worked with and development methodologies I was familiar with. 
  • If you are attentive enough, this is when you can get an idea of what they are looking for in candidates and what roles you may likely be performing so it is always key to understand the job description you have applied for. You now have to be innovative with your answers and give them a reason to hire you as an individual and this includes the basics which are: talk confidently and with clear and precise answers you know. if you don’t have any idea be honest as this may save both the recruiter and yourself valuable time during the interview. 
  • I would be asked several questions including the Salary expectations and a whole bunch of trick questions but I would go on to answer them all since I was a bit technical in the area that they were probing for. Several days later I would be called being told that my application had been successful and I had gotten the job to start at the beginning of the new month.
  • A word of advice especially to the newbie, always maintain eye contact even when you are lying such that you give the questioner no reason to doubt your answers, and always be confident in your abilities. Do not let negative thoughts get the better of you during these pressure-filled moments before during and after the interview and you will be okay