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Working Code Podcast – Episode 133: The Final Stretch

Ben Nadel
Published: June 28, 2023

Starting a new project is always exciting: there’s so much potential, so many visions of grandeur. Completing a project — on the other hand — is always a challenge. In the engineering world, we often joke that the last 90% of a project takes just as much time as the first 90% of a project. Inspired by the GitHub Guide: Finish Your Projects, we wanted to talk about why finishing a project is always such a slog; and, how we can keep the momentum moving forward in order to get our projects across the finish-line.

ASIDE: I believe that using feature flags (Video Presentation) and building products incrementally is an absolutely critical part of getting things done. Water-Fall project management and big-bang rewrites are almost always a recipe for disaster and abandonment.

All that and more on this week’s show:

… featuring these beautiful, beautiful people:

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