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Wix Price Drop Alert – Notify users whenever price drops for product

Aishwarya Tiwari
Published: December 23, 2022

Wix Price Drop Alert provides enables the admin to notify the users through email, whenever the price gets dropped for a product that the users want to purchase.
A user can subscribe for receiving a price drop alert for any product. All a user needs to do is enter their email address and click the subscribe button.

  • Go to your Wix store then click on Apps >> Manage Apps as shown.
  • Manage-Apps-_-Wix-com
    • Now, you’ll be redirected to the app market page from where you need to search for “Price Drop Alert“.
    • Click on Add to site button to add the app to your site as below.

    After the last step of adding the app to the site, the app will get installed on your site.

    Now you need to follow the below instructions –

    Sync Products

    After the installation of the Price Drop Alert app, you need to sync the products from your Wix store to the Price Drop Alert app end.

    product sync view

    The next step is to configure SMTP.
    To send emails to the users, the admin needs to configure the email under the App Settings >> Email Configuration as shown below –

    email configuration view

    To know how to configure email settings, please visit the user guide and follow the required steps.
    Note – The above settings are for Gmail, in case you are using any other email service then contact your email service provider for the details.

    Also, the admin can customize the email templates that will be sent to the users for price drop alerts.
    Go to the App Settings >> General Settings as follows –

    email template view
    email template view

    The next step is to embed the custom code, following all the three steps mentioned under the Setup as shown below –

    embed code setup
    embed code setup

    Front End View-

    Once the code will be embedded, the price drop alert box will be visible on all the product pages.

    So users can easily open the product page and subscribe to receive the price drop alert notifications via email.

    frontend view

    Now once the users will subscribe, the admin will be able to see all the details under-subscribed user section.

    Admin can also export the subscribed user data into a CSV file if needed.

    subscribed user view

    Pop-up of Top Ten Subscribed Products-

    On the subscribed user page, the admin can see the pop-up of the top ten subscribed products by the users.

    subscribed user view


    I hope this blog will help you to understand the complete process involved in the Wix Price Drop Alert application. If in case you have any queries please generate a ticket