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Why Reading Code is More Important Than Writing?

Isha Sharma
Published: May 2, 2022

Today, literacy has become one of the most vital elements on this planet. Speaking of which, if we talk about Coding”, one can only code only if he/she can read them first. But it’s not that simple though, reading code is not as simple as just reading books, perhaps it requires a lot of practice, attention, and reaching under the skin. Understand it this way, let’s say you’re working on a project that’s entirely new to you so, to get a better hands-on you will be required to have a better understanding first and that’s where the reading part comes in, learning part has never been easy but, in the long run, that’s the only good idea.


There can be many suggestions and explanations behind making priorities on the reading part than writing but only a handful of ones are going to stick around with you, only if you intend to master it. That’s why we came up with 6 Solid Reasons Why Reading Code Is More Important Than Writing, so to get a better understanding, read the points below and try to follow them:

1. Learn the Base-Construct

If you’re learning any new language, there might be stances where you will struggle to understand the capabilities of that programming language. That’s why it becomes a first and foremost necessity for you to get through its root, syntax, functionality, and constructs to get a good hands on it. Unless you have that grip within, you can’t go far enough and when you explore new elements and functionality, you can read about them separately too for better clarity. After all, the company where you’re going to apply later is going to pay you for that code, and for that trading, a few hours of reading so that you can do better code is the best way for you to learn it thoroughly.

2. Code-Execution

Learning to code while reading is one of the healthy ways to start your career in the field of software development. It only goes well when you code and execute the same in the right direction for the desired output. Before you start working on any live project, you must understand how an actual code should be aligned and in what structure in order to get a perfect or you can say without any bugs or errors. However, the building structure of code can often be complex but there is a lot of understanding to get information about how to compare codes, a well-written code along with some dumps. There are certain books out there in the market that will certainly bring new perspectives and things can become more complex and annoying unless you have the right solution and that can only be achieved through reading.

3. One Step At A Time

The moment you start getting a grip over the constructs and the execution now is the time to start making some rough practices because without that you will never be able to move to the next level. To execute and see how far you’ve come in your career is to keep practicing whatever you’ve learned, make errors-read again, and implement, this is how it runs. The more codes you’ll be reading, you might need to start picking up some random functions or classes and start working on them line-by-line. The codes are so deep and vast that even a small mistake can make run again the whole execution. Ensure to practice more and implement new methods and techniques by reading codes by any means (blogs, books, websites, etc.).

4. Always Open to Suggestions and Methods

There’s no denying that whatever language you’re going to choose for your career which can be sticking around for a few years unless you master some other domains, can be tricky sometimes too. Did you know, if not you’ll definitely observe someday that there’re endless queries and problems that you may or may not find over the internet. Yes, that’s right! So, despite just trying it by yourself, you should consider taking some feedback from your seniors and also ask for suggestions on your work, and in that way, you’re surely going to master it someday. Thus, reading codes will allow you to understand the basics of any Programming Language, let’s say you went to Reddit or GitHub for any specific query, you will find a huge group of experts there, based on their expertise, they all do provide a contribution towards that particular language and that’s where you need to keep reading before writing.

5. Identify & Fix

For mastering any programming language, it is a must to have a clear vision and sense of understanding of the problems that arise. It’s more or less like mathematics, you can’t just read, learn and execute. In fact, it needs a good sense of analytical thinking to identify and fix issues the problems that can come up at any point in time. Unless you have a clear concept and know-how you just can’t fix the issues within the code. Learning to code is something different and making a grip for resolving issues is entirely a different story. To become a good programmer, you need to focus on reading more than writing and that will enable you to refactor it and make your own code without rewriting the whole code structure.

6. Full-fledged Developer Knows About the Source Code

In the field of Software Development, most of the time will be spent reading the source codes rather than writing. For an instance, let’s suppose you’re about to work on a new project and that, it will require you to have a basic understanding of its operation and of how the codes will work. So, it becomes crucial for you to focus on the reading part more to handle new challenges. There can also be times when you need to work on your colleagues’ poorly written codes and syntax which are hard to understand and interpret and those tricky codes can make it difficult for you to work on. So, reading more and more code can help and enable you to improve and will provide strength over the writing part, and will also prevent you to perform any unintelligible coding. Sources like GitHub, Stack-Overflow, and some of the most popular programming bloggers are the best source of reading and knowing in-depth knowledge of the source code.

Every developer has their own way of handling and executing codes in programming and this can differ from person to person. But again, there are some basic elements that need to be taken care of while learning “how to code”. Basic hygiene is these 6 major elements in the field of software development. Although, you can seek the help of seniors and colleagues too if you are stuck at any point in time. We tried to gather and present 6 reasons why reading code is more important than writing and hope this might work for you someday! In the meantime, keep reading and if you have any queries regarding this, feel free to drop a comment below.