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Why Every Developer Should Learn Data Structures and Algorithms?

Isha Sharma
Published: June 22, 2022

Software developers are regarded as the unknown heroes who design, execute, deploy and manage software programs. It is indeed a lucrative career option that promises insanely high salaries, amazing career growth, and global opportunities. As per the survey software development will witness an amazing growth rate of 19% which is far more than the average.  


Having proper knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms makes a good identity for a Software Developer. The main reason behind this is that it improves developers’ problem-solving ability to a great extent. So tech giants like Google, Meta, Adobe, Amazon, Netflix, etc. hire software developers with in-depth knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms as they are more capable of making the right decisions when it comes to problem-solving.

In this blog, we will answer the question of Why Every Developer Should Learn Data Structures and Algorithms. Further, we will provide you with a foundational understanding and a complete roadmap of how to learn Data Structures and Algorithms. So let’s get started with the basic understanding of data structure and algorithms.

What are Data Structure and Algorithms?

Data Structure refers to a way of organizing and collecting data to perform data operations effectively. This ensures the organization of data in such a way that its performance is enhanced and complexity is minimized. It is of two types of data structure primitive and abstract. The primitive data structure includes Integer, Float, Char, Boolean, etc.

Algorithms are defined as a set of ordered instructions for completing a task or solving a problem. It is not the entire code it is a simple logic to solve a problem represented in the form of a flowchart or pseudocode. It must have the following characteristics:

  • Well-defined input and output
  • Independent of Language
  • Easy to understand
  • Finite, clear, and obvious

The algorithm enhances the scalability and performance of the process. Further, it makes the process more efficient and consistent. For a complete roadmap to learn DSA from scratch, please refer to the article – Complete Roadmap To Learn DSA From Scratch

Importance of Learning Data Structure and Algorithms For a Developer

1. To Find the Best Solution

In software development, there are an infinite number of ways to solve a particular problem. Often the inefficient solution appears to be more tempting in the beginning. But later you may end up with a less scalable and slow-working solution. To save you from ending up in a mess, Data Structures and Algorithms lets you create software efficiently which performs well in all worst cases. For example, your O(n) solution and O(1) solution may appear to be the same and perform the same for all test cases but may perform poorly at the end as you don’t have unlimited memory. At this point, the knowledge of DSA comes to play. It helps us to choose the most efficient data structure and algorithms. This is the best way to enhance performance and eliminate future risks.

2. To Solve Real-World Problems  

You may wonder how data structure and algorithms help you to solve a real-life problem. So let’s understand this more clearly with the help of an example. Suppose you need to search for a word in a dictionary. You will open a page and if the word is not found you will open a prior or next page depending on the first alphabet of the word. And finally, you will find the meaning of the word. So this is an example of a Binary Search algorithm that you have applied without knowing.  

So choosing the right set of algorithms will help you solve a real-life problem in quite less time and more efficiently. Data structure and Algorithms help better understand the problem at a deep-rooted level and provide you with a better understanding of the world.  

3. Get a Clear Understanding of the Software Development Process  

Data Structure and Algorithms are the foundation of the software development process. A clear understanding of DSA will enhance your understanding of the software development process. They will remain constant no matter whatever the technology is hence in most of the tech giants’ interviews knowledge of DSA is tested so that an optimized software can be built. When you implement DSA logic into your software, it optimizes the working of the software. 

4. To Get Placed in Top Tech Giants

Knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms plays a major role in the hiring process of FAANG companies. People often wonder why these tech giants emphasize the knowledge of DSA. It is because of the following reasons:

  • They need professionals who can choose the right algorithms to save companies resources like servers, computation power, and money of course!
  • Programmers who work in these companies have to write efficient and flawless code which requires a good knowledge of DSA.
  • Knowledge of how one data structure is different from another will help the developers to make the right choice of data structure to solve a problem that is the requirement of every tech giant.

So this concludes that DSA plays a major role to help you stand apart from the crowd and get hired by top tech giants. Hence every developer needs to learn DSA to get their dream job. Here are the 7 Best Tips To Get Hired at FAANG Companies.

5. Write Clear and Optimized Code

Optimized code refers to the hardware-friendly code that effectively uses memory and CPU. A source code that uses incorrect data structure becomes complex in long run. Let’s understand this better with the help of an example consider that a developer uses a stack if the array is the most suitable data structure. The solution will become complicated and unable to handle the data in the long run. On the other hand, optimized code will create a highly scalable solution. Therefore, writing clear and optimized code is much-needed while working on a solution.

How to Learn Data Structure and Algorithms?

So till now, you must have got a clear idea of Why Every Developer Should Learn Data Structures and Algorithms. If you are someone willing to learn DSA then, you are surely at the right place. GeeksForGeeks has designed an online course series to learn Data Structure and Algorithms that cover everything from basic to advanced. It is trusted by more than 1 Lac+ Students/Working professionals. Further, it gives you a complete package of video lectures, practice problems, quizzes, discussion forums, and contests. To get more information about this course read about Data Structures and Algorithm – Self-Paced course

If you are someone who’s already working on DSA and want to learn more about it, do check the course on DSA Live for Working Professionals – Live

To know more about why data structures and algorithms are necessary, you can also watch a video by Mr. Sandeep Jain (CEO & Founder, GeeksForGeeks) explaining Why are Data Structures necessary? Keep practicing Data Structures and Algorithms if you want to be a proficient developer.