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Why Engineers Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Dan Lines
Published: May 17, 2022

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There are so many books, videos and workshops on starting your own company. The problem for anyone listening to this podcast is that none of them come from the perspective of a developer.

That’s why we were so excited that the founder & CTO of Drata, Daniel Marashlian – who has previously founded eight companies before hitting a billion-dollar valuation with Drata – was open to talking about what it’s like to build a company from a coder’s perspective.

From the signs you’re an entrepreneur at heart, to filling out your skills gap to leaning in to the edge you have with your background, this episode of Dev Interrupted is essential listening for anyone who can code – or anyone who has dreamed of founding their own company.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (3:41) Serial entrepreneurship and previously failed companies
  • (10:56) Signs you should start your own company
  • (14:57) You can start a company with experience, you don’t need an idea
  • (17:32) Why engineers make good entrepreneurs
  • (26:20) Always look right to left
  • (31:00) Finding good co-founders
  • (40:56) Relentless execution
  • (49:56) The moment Daniel knew Drata was a success

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