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Why Does Your Company Require a Store Locator?

manika Vats
Published: May 27, 2022


Use Magento 2 Store Pickup/Store Locator to allow customers to pick up their orders from the nearby store. This allows the merchant to reduce delivery expenses while increasing buyer options.

Using the store pickup module for e-commerce sites, you may increase store sales, save shipping time, give speedier delivery in one round, and reduce product returns.

This blog will provide you with a list of reasons why a store locator is crucial in business, with some tips on how to choose the best business store locator.

What is Store Locator?

The store locator is a solution that allows customers to identify nearby physical locations based on an address or current location.

Store admins can build new locations for their outlets and add the required markers to Google Maps on individual store views from the frontend area.

Magento 2 Store Pickup

They can also customize the map latitude and longitude settings for each generated location.

The store locator allows buyers to pick up their orders from the closest store. Moreover, it allows the sellers to reduce delivery expenses while increasing buyer options.

Core Features of Store Locator

Since you now have some basic concepts about store locators. Let’s discuss some of the core features that should be there in your store locator.

Using the Magento 2 store locator, owners can add many pick-up locations, as well as their own location and hours of operation. A store locator includes the following features.

Magento 2 Store Pickup
  • Customers can use the integrated Google Maps in the store locator to find the closest pickup place to them.
  • With this, the owner can even schedule holidays for pick-up locations.
  • The store owner can specify a range for pick-up stores in kilometers.
  • You can narrow down your search by location and product.
  • By store locator, you can get GPS coordinates and look at a map.
  • Display store information and picture sliders.
  • Maps can be altered, in-store locator.
  • Set the hours of operation and holidays for a certain store.

Why does your firm Require a Store Locator?

With e-commerce sales on the rise, firms with physical retail locations are looking for a competitive advantage.

Including a store locator on a website, mobile app, or social media page is a one-way street for brands so that clients back into their stores and convert online visitors into physical customers.


Data shows that 70% of smartphone users use a store locator to plan their shopping trips. As a result, the store locator is a must-have feature if you want to deliver professional service while growing sales.

How Does the Store Locator Work?

A store locator is a feature that you add to your firm’s website or social media that helps clients identify the location of a specific store.

We can add many locations with product search based on their specific area with the store locator.

Hence, it is a basic form that displays a set of markers indicating places on a map, helping users to discover the nearest location of a business they want to visit.

How to implement Store Locator in your firms?

Store locators play a crucial role in helping firms increase their local search presence by leading customers to local store pages.

As e-commerce sales increase, firms with physical retail locations are looking for a competitive advantage.

Magento 2 Store Pickup

One-way marketers are re-engaging customers and converting online traffic into offline customers.

Implementation Process of Store Locator in Magento 2 Store

For implementing the Magento 2 store locator in your firm, first, the admin needs to navigate to Stores => Configuration => Sales => Shipping Method => Store Pickup for the configuration.

Once the basic configurations are set, the admin needs to configure the Online or Offline Modes of Distance Calculation.

For that, the admin needs to navigate to Stores > Configurations > Catalog > Inventory, in the admin panel.

The admin will find a section, namely, Distance Provider for distance-based SSA, under which the admin needs to choose either Google Map or Offline Calculation against the Provider field.

It is important to mention that the admin must select Google Map for online distance calculation and the Offline Calculation option for calculating distance offline.

The “Must-Have” Vision of a business locator

Using the store locator, you can assist your clients in locating your location or searching for their nearest physical store on Google Maps.

Create a store and integrate a Google Map into your Magento 2 store with the dealer locator module, which includes different search criteria and an adaptive user interface.

  • Search for a store within a certain radius by zip code or city/state.
  • Create, modify, and delete store location details such as addresses and photos.
  • Show the store’s opening and closing times, as well as any lunch breaks.
  • Use to import/export stores.
  • Using the available filters, locate a store based on certain criteria.

What is the use of the Magento 2 Store Locator Module?

The main offering of the omnichannel e-commerce business is an in-store pick-up. It is for this reason that companies purchase retail order management systems.

It benefits the merchant in numerous ways; brings more foot traffic to the stores, saves on shipping costs, boosts customer loyalty, and strengthens brand image.

Magento 2 Store Pickup

Nowadays, customers prefer to pick up their orders from the local store for free rather than pay for shipping.

Customers can shop online and pick up their packages at the nearby store using this module.

What are some brands that have used store locators successfully?

Businesses from a variety of industries have used the Magento 2 Store Locator platform to great benefit.

The three examples below show how our clients used store locators to successfully build their online presence and convert local web traffic into consumers.

Here are a few examples of brands that have used store locators successfully.

Pizza Hut’s store finder employs call-to-action buttons on its results page to increase e-commerce transactions and restaurant reservations.

Kérastase, a hair care specialist, likewise has a unique call-to-action button on their local sites, inviting customers to request an Uber’ to transport them to their nearest partner salon.

The contact form on Havas Voyages’ local pages serves as a quote-request form, allowing them to create online sales leads that are then maintained by agents in their individual branches.

Store locators Benefits

When running an e-commerce business, it’s vital for any knowledgeable owner to make it as simple as possible for customers to locate the store and make purchases.

As a result, it is obvious that the Store Locator is a must-have tool if you want to deliver professional service while growing sales.

  • It improves search engine rankings.
  • Increased consumer loyalty
  • Our physical store will run more smoothly.
  • Increase the level of participation.
  • Boost visibility.


Installing Magento 2 Store Locator module helps you raise your firm’s visibility, establish trust and loyalty, increase site traffic, and learn more about your clients so you can better serve them.

Therefore, we can conclude by saying that, Magento 2 is the ideal option for all of your business requirements. You can use it because it is packed with features and is the best choice for all your business needs.

As it is loaded with multiple features, you can initiate your business operations with it efficiently.