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Wells Fargo Interview Experience for FTE (On-Campus) 2022

Published: August 19, 2022

Hola folks! Hope you are doing good this placement season. 

During the placement season, Wells Fargo visited our campus for the Program Analyst role. It visited the campus around the first week of August. The company has a 4 step process after the Pre-Placement Talk.

Online Assessment: The Online Assessment was conducted on SHL (AMCAT) platform and had 3 sections as given below. No negative marking. Around 140 odd students were shortlisted to appear for the Online Test. 

  • Verbal Aptitude: Consists of 12 MCQs to be solved in 15 minutes. They can be on vocabulary (guessing the meaning of the word as per the use in the sentence), comprehension, and some basic grammar corrections. Can be practiced from sample questions given on the SHL website or other websites with questions of similar pattern.
    • Important Tip: For comprehension, an excellent way to solve the questions is first to read the complete paragraph, get a gist of the objective and significant points of the paragraph and then solve the questions, since the questions are sometimes framed in a twisted manner too. Also, try to answer the questions only from the information in the paragraph, and no other personal biases. 
  • Business Acumen: Consists of 15 MCQs to be solved in 25 minutes. Completely observation-based and logic-based. It is to be solved by keeping the graphs and charts given in the question as the reference. 
    • Important Tip: Time Management is the key. You must be fast enough to deduce observations from the graphs and charts to reach the end. Can be solved with a cool mind during the test, so no panicking. 

Coding: 2 questions from a large pool of questions to be solved in 60 minutes. Had the below 2 questions:

  • Given a device with N applications, with given IDs, 1 out of these is infected by malware. We need to isolate it by eliminating the non-infected applications. These can be done in a stepwise manner. Take a sum of the IDs, divide by 2, and the application with the ID number closest to this can be removed. This is done until we are left with only one application and declare it infected. Find the ID of this application.
Input: Number of applications, followed by the ID of each application in the device. 
Output: ID of the last remaining application. 
  • Graph-based questions can be solved by DFS. 

Solved 7/11 test cases of the first question, and some test cases of the second question. Some questions in the pool were based on Josephus’s Problem, Convex Hull, etc.

Important Tip: Do check out the questions asked previously in coding rounds of the company, since there are some chances of the same question type repeating. 

Technical Round: This round was held on Zoom Platform and lasted for about 1 hour. Around 30 students were shortlisted for this round. 

  • Introduction and questions on any part of it. (On any current/ongoing project) 
  • A detailed discussion of the projects that are mentioned in the resume. In the case of a web application, the discussion can go from the flow of the web app to database design, the importance of features, and some implementation details. 
  • Some DSA questions: 
    • Generate Mirror of Tree. 
    • A subsequence of an array with a given sum. 
    • Longest palindromic substring from a given string.
  • Questions for me to ask. 

Important Tip: Know anything and everything about the project, even if you have contributed to only a part of the project. There can be some really deep discussions on the projects. For DSA, be clear with the approach, and think loudly. When asked, then you can write the pseudo-code. 

Techno-HR Round: This round was held on Zoom Platform and lasted for about 40 minutes. Around 20 students were shortlisted for this round. 

  • Introduction and questions on any part of it. (On any current/ongoing project)
  • A problem faced in any of the projects mentioned in the resume and how did you solve it?
  • Which Operating System do you use, parts of the Operating System? How does OS handle copy and rename commands (for files) in the system? 
  • Which Programming Languages do you know and, how do you update yourself with the latest tech news and updates?
  • Tech Stack is used for projects and the reason to use the same (React in my case). Can be followed up with a basic question on the technology. 
  • Why Wells Fargo? Why should we hire you?
  • Questions for me to ask. 

Important Tip: Better to have some analysis of the projects done previously using the STAR method. Try asking questions that are not cliche, but help you understand the company and culture better, apart from the technical functioning. 

Telephonic HR Round: This round was a phone-based call from HR, which lasted about 2-3 minutes. Was asked about the interview process and the reason for getting admitted to a college outside my hometown. 

In the end, 11 students were extended the offer, and I was one of them. A humble thank you to the GeeksForGeeks for such great resources and for creating this open platform for sharing knowledge. A small effort to give back to the community. 

Final Tip: Be confident in the interviews, have a learning mindset, and be yourself! You will shine bright! 

Good Luck!