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webinar recap: Flow Team Health Insights

Published: July 28, 2022


By looking at the three key metrics of team health, leaders and individual contributors alike have the ability to better understand progress beyond simply lines of code written.

The three key metrics of team health

After the initial discussion, Austin provides a demo within Flow of the three main insights within the report: Culture, Efficiency, and Activity. 

  • Culture offers a deep dive into team communication. It allows people to see how frequently they are commenting and interacting with their own team and across other teams. It also highlights if your collaboration is leading to meaningful improvements and outcomes
  •  Efficiency helps leaders and executives better understand the things that are causing bottlenecks and hold ups. It shows if code is sitting in certain queues for extended periods of time or if there are unexpected work items being added into sprints
  • Activity isn’t about what an individual is doing but rather it’s understanding if developers are getting bogged down by meetings or pulled away from focus time too often. It lets the team see if they’re setting themselves up for success in the planning and scoping phases. It’s a better understanding of the quality over quantity.