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Vendor Portal – Reinforce vendor communication in Odoo

Arpita Gupta
Published: May 25, 2022

Building and strengthening communication with your vendors is the key to establishing a successful Marketplace online. Creating a vendor portal enables you in managing vendor activities with more ease. Maintaining a healthy relationship with vendors benefits mutually in terms of stability, sales and profits. Providing a personalized atmosphere considerably enhances the vendor’s performance.

Although managing multiple vendors and their processes becomes hectic sometimes for you and for vendors too. Therefore, vendor management is necessary nowadays to keep a track of all the vendor activities on your Odoo website. Effective communication and collaboration in terms of third-party compliances on the agreed contract benefits between owner and vendor.

What is Vendor Portal?

Vendor Portals mainly known as Supplier Portals are the platforms that allow admins to connect, communicate and collaborate with their suppliers and vendors. Admin can discuss their businesses with their third-party suppliers on the internet.

As a result, the Vendor portal comes in handy when the admin has to manage multiple suppliers, track orders and maintain the supply of products simultaneously. It works as a helping hand for admins that keeps all the data saved and secured for future purposes.

Vendors/suppliers can easily register on this portal and add their personal details to it. Also, vendors can keep a track of their supplied products and maintain harmony in the business.

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Maintain Scalability on the website by Vendor Portal!!

The vendor portal ables you to cope well with managing an increased number of vendors on your Marketplace and maintaining scalability too. As per the reports, the increased demand in B2B eCommerce has raised the number of vendors by 18%. This raise shows the relevance and importance of vendor portals on the Marketplace website that will help these B2B companies to grow more towards success.

But how we will get to know the necessity of vendor portals?

For that, here are some of the advantages of the vendor portal:

Improve visibility and maintain smooth vendor onboarding


Visibility plays a major role in the department of business of any eCommerce website or Marketplace. Automating the visibility process is necessary otherwise, there will be no visual records of receipts, invoices, etc until any manual entry has been done for the same.

Usage of the vendor portal enables you to provide full visibility as soon as the invoice is generated through receipt till the final payment. Also, the vendor portal will help you in the smooth onboarding of new vendors on your Marketplace.

It enables the admin to regularly update the necessary information of vendors on the portal. Also, the admin can leverage complete visibility on all the levels of business with vendors easily.

Provide the feature of self-service in Odoo


Vendor portals being a self-service solution enable suppliers to log in to their profile and look at their order, view real-time order status, submit invoices and perform other necessary tasks autonomously.

This self-service solution provides up-to-date information. Also, vendors can easily resolve their queries by posting them on the portal itself. It made the admin offer timely responses without spending money on manual customer service.

With the use vendor portal, there was a significant reduction in emails, faxes, and phone calls as vendors are able to track orders on their own. It reduced the need for manual customer service otherwise, they have to be dealt with by the staff members. As a result, the self-service option reduces the number of emails.

Make vendors responsible for their information


Regularly updating the personal information of multiple vendors is hectic. Also, it can lead to confusion if updating for multiple vendors simultaneously. The vendor portal allows suppliers to update their personal information like contact details, email IDs, etc. This means there is no need to connect them for updating their information regularly.

Therefore, this feature makes the process more streamlined. It eliminates the need of keeping in constant touch with suppliers and also reduces the workload of an administrative team. 

Improvise trustability by introducing autonomous notifications


Manually informing staff to keep a track of important dates, reminders, and other important tasks is a tough task to proceed with. In this technology-driven world, everything relies on automatic tools. With the help of the vendor portal, you can automatically notify your staff about key dates of certificate expirations, order delivery, code of conduct collections, and other specific information.

It reduces your dependency on staff to recall them and keep track of all the specific dates and assures you to keep all your suppliers updated with the necessary information. This means that all the important dates or information will never be missed by you.

Subsequently, automatic notifications enable you to communicate with your vendors by broadcasting messages to one or multiple vendors as per your criteria. It also saves time as multiple vendors are informed at once.

Optimize your website Standardization


Today, B2B companies need functionality to manage vendors’ data. Vendor portals are a perfect way to standardize the process of tracking and managing vendors efficiently. You can easily enhance and collate consistent data and optimize the whole process. 

The vendor portal harbors many functionalities like vendor onboarding, invitations, updates to documentation, and performance reviews that ensure full data recovery of all the associated vendors with your Odoo website.

Maintaining a harmonious workflow with vendors is initially important to ensure positive outcomes from them. Taking vendor-related processes with carelessness can make you reach bottlenecks in the early stage of the relationship. 

The standardization of processes means companies can take action in advance before the problem arises. It shows the portal’s increased monitoring and tracking abilities and performance.


Therefore, we can conclude by saying that, the vendor portal is the best choice for all your vendor-related needs. As it is loaded with multiple features, you can manage all your supplier’s information efficiently.

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