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User Guide to set up Gmail SMTP Configuration

Vaibhav Mishra
Published: June 7, 2022

In this guide, we are sharing the steps to follow for configuring the Gmail SMTP settings into your application so that the end-user will receive the emails from your own email address.

Step 1:- In the first step, you need to complete the 2-Step Verification in the Google account settings for that you need to open your google account settings and then click on Security.

In security, you need to click on 2-step verification and turn it “On”.


Step 2:- After turning On the 2- Step Verification, you need to click on App Passwords as shown.


Step 3:- Now you need to create the password for the application you want to use. Click on the select app and choose Other(Custom name).


Step 4:- After choosing the Other(Custom name), Enter the name of the application for which you want to generate the password and click on Generate.


Step 5:- After clicking on generate, You will get a one-time password which you can use to configure with your Gmail.
Note:- Kindly copy and save the password in the notepad because you can use it only one time.


Step 6:- After getting the password, Kindly go back to the application and enter the below details and click on Save:-

Host –

Port – 465

Username – Enter your email address from which you generated the app password.

Password – Enter the one-time password which you copied.

Encryption – SSLParentingPartners445e

Email From – Enter your email address.


Click on Save to save the configuration settings.

Now click on Test Mail to get the test email and check the configuration has been done properly.

We hope this blog will help you to understand the complete process involved in configuring the Gmail SMTP settings into your application. If in case you have any queries please generate a ticket