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ULA Interview Experience for SDE-1 (Bangalore)

Akanksha Singh
Published: June 27, 2022

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Applied through the referral of a friend (Ula Employee)

There was a total of 4 Rounds including an Online assessment, a Technical Round, a Managerial Round, and an HR Round. After OA cleared, HR called me and confirmed the interview for next week

Technical Round: This round was taken by a third-party “Interview-vector” team
NOTE:  we have to implement the codes on Leetcode and run the code.


He asked me to explain the approach and dry run with the example he gave. After the explanation, he asked me to implement the code and he asked me about time & space complexities.


He asked for the approach and logic behind the approach after the dry run he was satisfied he asked me to implement the code. my code got successfully run. we discussed time & space complexities. Then he asked me to copy the codes and paste them into the google doc he provided.

Managerial Round: The tech lead was there for this interview and he was very humble he introduced himself and then asked for my introduction and after that, he asked me about my current internship experience. He asked me some situation-based questions, like what are challenges I faced, why I want to switch, etc.
He asked me 2 DSA questions which are listed below

    he asked me to think and explain the approach and dry run on the given example. after the dry run, he was satisfied and asked me to implement it on compiler and run.
    This was the hard level question, and I faced some challenges in this one. After thinking for some time, I had an approach in my mind which was of cubic complexity, but due to constraints it worked on all the test cases, and I was lucky.

3. HR Round: The HR round was scheduled for next week after the Managerial round. she was very sweet and friendly. She asked standard expected HR questions like why you want to join, why Ula, and also put 2-3 situation-based questions. Afterward, she asked for my expected salary. and when can I join? This interview went around 20-30 mins.