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Uber Interview Experience for SDE 1 (2022)

Akanksha Singh
Published: May 27, 2022

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I applied for the Uber SDE 1 role by taking a referral.


The next day I got Interview Shortlist Mail. All interviews were scheduled on the same day.


  • Problem 1: Given a frog with limited energy capacity standing on a source node. Initially, it has full energy. Moving from one node to another results in a reduction in energy by 1 and an increase in time by 1. There are energy drinks present at some nodes that it can make use of to increase energy.  If its energy reduces to 0, it dies. Find the minimum time taken by the frog to reach the destination node. If it is impossible return -1.
  • Problem 2:  You are a farmer with a capital. You are given n crops with 2 parameters associated with those crops.
    • minimal capital required to be with a farmer to be eligible to take it
    • profit associated with the crop.

You have to purchase k crops such that profit is maximum. Taking in profit from one crop results in an increase in your capital


  • Problem: Given a string and matrix of characters. Check whether the string is present in the matrix

Optimize the solution if an array of million strings is given in place of just a single string.

ROUND 4 (HIRING MANAGER INTERVIEW + DESIGN-BASED): A lot of questions from my Internship experiences as well as my projects

Low-Level Design Problem: Design MS Excel.