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Treehouse vs. LinkedIn Learning: What’s the Difference

Jason Gilmore
Published: July 7, 2022

The amount of online coding classes is growing rapidly with the popularity of web development, but which one should you take? Different online courses are curated for different learning styles, which means doing your research beforehand is essential.

If you’re an aspiring or beginner developer interested in courses that provide thorough knowledge about tech development, Treehouse and LinkedIn Learning are two of the leaders in this area.

Both of these platforms provide a variety of online programs for developers at any level, depending on your career paths of interest.

If you’re looking to learn a development skill and are indecisive about which coding platform to choose – Treehouse vs. LinkedIn Learning, this article is for you.

In this guide, we’ll compare Treehouse and LinkedIn Learning so that you can choose the best coding platform for you.

Overview of Treehouse vs. LinkedIn Learning

  • Treehouse is best for freelancers and small business owners, while LinkedIn Learning is more suited for enterprises
  • Treehouse programs have streamlined curriculums for students, while this only applies to LinkedIn Learning paths
  • Treehouse programs offer live support, while LinkedIn Learning offers no real-time guidance
  • Treehouse pricing ranges between $25, $49, and $199 per month, while LinkedIn Learning costs $39.99 per month and $379.99 per seat per year, depending on your chosen plan.

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Course Comparison

Treehouse Techdegrees and LinkedIn Learning offer development programs that include skills and courses to prepare you for tech roles.

Here are the major programs each of these online platforms offers:

Treehouse Curriculum

Treehouse offers thousands of hours of in-depth coding resources to help you become a proficient developer. These learning resources are in the forms of Techdegrees, Tracks, and community insights.

Treehouse Techdegrees are structured, intensive, and interactive coding boot camps that provide certification for web development skills. They are fast-paced courses designed to teach individual learners the expertise they need to become professional developers.

On the other hand, Treehouse Tracks are a library of courses and workshops on programming and different development skills. While Techdegrees are more in-depth, Tracks are a more affordable and flexible option.

Treehouse offers five in-depth Techdegree programs for becoming adept at coding and web development. These Treehouse Techdegrees are:

Front-End Development

This is the Treehouse online coding boot camp where you learn how to build responsive, interactive user interfaces (or front-end) for websites and apps.

It certifies you as a professional front-end developer skilled at client-side development using programming languages — HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Treehouse Front-End Techdegree comprises eight expert-led projects that include video courses and real-world samples to build your development skill and portfolio.

Full Stack Javascript

This is the Treehouse online boot camp for full-stack Javascript development. You become a certified full-stack developer who is efficient at building functional and interactive websites, web apps, or software applications using Javascript.

The Treehouse Full-Stack JavaScript Techdegree walks you through nine projects that teach you how to develop both the front-end (or user interface) and back-end (or server-side) of websites or software applications.

UX Design

The Treehouse UX Design Techdegree trains you to become efficient at performing user research and designing websites and apps with great user experiences. This program certifies you in user experience design.

This Treehouse online programming boot camp contains a series of nine projects that teach you to design websites and apps and critique different UX designs.

Python Development

This is the Treehouse online coding boot camp where you become a certified Python Developer. This program teaches you how to build Python-based basic command lines and software applications.

The Treehouse Python Development Techdegree contains a series of four expert-led projects to teach you how to build applications using the programming language — Python.

Data Analysis

The Treehouse Data Analysis Techdegree certifies you as a data analyst. This program teaches you to analyze data from databases, spreadsheets, and Python code and interpret it into context-rich insights.

This Treehouse online boot camp contains seven projects to teach you what you need to know about data analysis.

LinkedIn Learning Curriculum

LinkedIn Learning offers over 8000 coding classes, giving you a plethora of course options to choose from.

While it can be overwhelming to know what programming course to start with, here are some of the most popular coding classes on the platform.

These groups of coding classes are courses with varied duration by different experts. They fall into software development, front-end and back-end web development, and data analysis.

These courses are primarily individual videos and series called learning paths. The downside is that it could be hard to know the best course to learn even after filtering results by level since there are many popular options.

Because LinkedIn Learning only has individual videos, there is no streamlined progression for studying except with learning paths.

Cost Comparison

Treehouse and LinkedIn Learning have different pricing structures for their development programs. Treehouse programs have two main pricing plans. Courses are $25 per month, but if you opt for additional content and offline download (course plus), you pay $49. Techdegrees cost $199/month. Treehouse also offers an organizational plan complete with a powerful administrative console for tracking progress and assigning curriculum at a cost of $299/seat/year.

LinkedIn Learning also has two pricing plans. Individuals subscribe at $39.99/month or $26.99/month when you pay annually, while teams (between 2-20 people) pay $379.99/seat/year. Enterprises need to contact support to discuss pricing, and the first month is free once you subscribe.

Here is a comparison table to summarize what comes with each of these platform subscriptions:

Treehouse TechdegreeLinkedIn Learning
Curated curriculum of video coursesCollection of video courses
Coding programs are in the form of Techdegrees, Tracks, and CoursesCoding programs are in the form of Courses and paths
There’s a learning progression for every programNo learning progression for most development skills except for learning paths
A moderated community forum, and Techdegree subscribers have access to an exclusive Slack group and Zoom sessionsQ&A chat section
Real-world portfolio projects
Interactive Quizzes and Code ChallengesCoding assessment (for some)
Certificate of completion recognized by third partiesCertificate of completion not recognized by third parties, although some now qualify as academic credits
Peer reviews and support
When you sign up for a Techdegree, you also get access to the Treehouse learning Tracks and the catalog library.Once you subscribe to LinkedIn Learning, you can access other courses on the platform.
You can’t buy an individual course since it’s a community-driven platformYou can make a one-off purchase for a course
You can download videos for offline learningAlso, you can download videos for offline learning 
Live chat support
Treehouse has two pricing plans. Courses cost $25 and $45 (plus), and $199 per month, depending on the coding program you chooseLinkedIn Learning has two pricing packages too. The individual plan costs $39.99 monthly (and $26.99/month for a yearly plan), while the team/enterprise plan starts at $379.99 per seat yearly.

Treehouse offers a free 7-day trial for all their courses, while LinkedIn Learning offers a 30-day free trial. If you decide to cancel your subscription at any time, both of these platforms make it simple.

Course Certification Comparison

Both of these learning platforms offer certification of completion. But their values differ.

Treehouse offers certifications only for the Techdegrees. At Treehouse, we want our students to complete all training and assessments, practice with real-life samples, and equip themselves with complimentary soft skills before certifying them as professionals.

Treehouse is a highly-rated platform for learning precisely how to code, and the certificates we offer are accredited and recognized by third parties.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Learning certification shows when you’ve completed a development course. However, they are neither accredited nor endorsed by third parties. You don’t even have to complete course assessments to earn one.

This certificate mainly shows you completed a specific LinkedIn learning course. However, some of these certificates can now be used as official academic credits in programs of partner universities worldwide.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Learning certification is only available to:

Course Length Comparison

The coding courses on both Treehouse Techdegree and Linked Learning courses are self-paced. That is, the duration of course completion will depend on your availability and commitment to learning.

Depending on these two factors — availability and commitment, learning a development course can be as quick as three months or as long as 12 months.

But, based on our student’s learning behaviors, we found an estimated duration. If you can commit as little as 3 hours per day to Treehouse Techdegree, here’s what the completion timeframe will look like for each program:

  • Front End Web Development – 4 months
  • Full Stack JavaScript – 5 months
  • User Experience (UX) Design – 3 months
  • Python Development – 2 months
  • Data Analysis – 4 months.

The duration for individual courses on LinkedIn Learning starts anywhere from 30 minutes to over 5 hours, and paths can be up to 30 hours long.

Student Support Comparison

LinkedIn Learning has a Q&A chat box within each course to cater to your questions. Also, you can do your research and reach out to the expert who leads a course for any concerns you have.

The problems with these approaches above are that:

  • If other students put many questions in the course’s chat box, it could be hard to follow up with yours.
  • The average cold outreach rate is less than 30%, with a response rate within 1-5%. This means the chance of the expert reading your email is slim.

However, Treehouse offers live support & individual guidance in real-time, which LinkedIn Learning doesn’t. We provide support so you can call or message experts and Treehouse staff about any issues you have. This human touch in the communication approach makes learning.

At Treehouse, students have weekly office hours for live support with experts. Also, our Slack channel and community forum provide room for collaboration with other students and staff.

Treehouse Reviews

At this rate, you’re probably thinking, “Is Treehouse worth it?

Treehouse is an online coding platform that offers easy and affordable access to development skills to prepare you for your career path. Over the years, we’ve delivered value to over 1.2 million students from over 190 countries around the globe.

Treehouse graduates have secured their dream jobs in companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Airbnb.

Treehouse programs are worth your investments. And it’s not just us to think so.

Here are some of the things our students are saying about Treehouse courses:

Are you looking for case study insights into how Treehouse courses helped our students in their tech career journey? Read more of our success stories here.

Treehouse vs. LinkedIn Learning – Which is Best for You?

Treehouse and LinkedIn Learning are top-rated platforms to learn coding skills. You get the knowledge and expertise you need to land your dream tech career.

But, while Treehouse is best for small business owners and freelancers, LinkedIn Learning is more suited to B2Bs and large enterprises. More so, Treehouse offers real-world projects so you can have standard and relevant samples in your portfolio.

And when it comes to the learning experience, Treehouse makes learning seamless by offering the support and study guidance you need in real-time.

Are you looking to start a career in tech development? Try a Treehouse Techdegree for free today.