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Top 7 Must Have E-commerce Store Features in 2023

vidushi singh
Published: November 18, 2022

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has derived more eCommerce stores to facilitate customers with online booking and doorstep delivery to avoid outings. Thus, read the article to know the Top 7 must-have e-commerce store features in the 2023 after the pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic has pressed the pause button globally. However, this article is helpful for all the e-commerce merchants to seek benefits in 2021 from this huge shift.

Mobile Commerce has grown too much during the lockdown and now in 2021. Even it has become an essential part of the eCommerce Industry to thrive in the market.

Henceforth, now online almost every merchants’ focus is on improving the customer experience for mobile users.

AI and AR technology is influencing the eCommerce merchants and enhancing the customers’ shopping experience.

Furthermore, eCommerce merchants are making online shopping more easier and convenient for shoppers with personalize recommendation.

Multichannel Selling must for eCommerce merchants to generate more revenue and driving more shoppers to the store in the 2021 pandemic situation.

Wallet System

Zero dependencies of cash on delivery for orders, also, it will keep deliveryman and customer contact-free. Auto recharge of wallets (balance in wallets) using customer cards, UPI, etc. It will increase the inflow of funds in 2021 inside the e-commerce store before any order is placed.

Wallet System helpful during - COVID-19

The wallet system during checkout will only speed up the process as no payment gateway is required to get involved.

If any customer is having the amount in their wallet. Then it will only increase the chances of customers placing orders in the near future as they will only think to exhaust their wallet balance.

Thus, avoid visiting ATM stay home and stay safe no need to take the risk of life. And use an e-wallet and online payments for easier and safer order and delivery.

Benefits of Wallet System in 2021

  • Lower Costs – eWallet system allows paying directly using online medium so no need for a cashier.
  • Competitive Advantages – The wallet system allows users with multiple competitive advantages to the buyers.
  • Modern and advanced approach for eCommerce owners and customers.
  • Security – e-wallet system provides high security with the pattern, pin, including fingerprint scanner to authorize every transaction.
  • Safe bank card information – Now, no longer necessary to give card details every time.
  • Convenient – Easy to use just log in and make hasslefree payment anywhere anytime using the internet.
  • AutoPay Facility – This system facilitates the user to start and set auto-deduction for their weekly, monthly, and annual transaction.
  • Offers and Promotions – The wallet system comes with plenty of money-saving offers by providing discounts, cashback, offers, free gifts, and promo codes.
  • Quick Transfer of Funds – Facilitates users to make a quick transfer of funds and the best part is e-wallets are allowing payment transfer without any charge.

Mobile Application

Stay away from the crowd and stay safe!!

In this global pandemic, mobile applications can drive more sales for eCommerce merchants as it is the demand of the time. Being a business owner it is essential to serve with safety so facilitate customers to make the purchase from the mobile itself through the mobile app.

Mobile Application during COVID-19

The mobile application is a necessary tool for growing business revenue in this lockdown. It also benefits to give tough competition to other retailers (competitors).

Mobile users have grown way too much and now consumers are preferring online orders due to COVID-19. Now they’re ordering online to stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, it is an exceptional chance for online merchants and shops retailers to have mobile applications to boost up store sales and fetch more orders.

Benefits of Wallet System in Covid-2021

  • Mobile Applications are faster than websites
  • Personalized data and easy order.
  • Easy to use and quick access with a tap.
  • Push Notifications and instant updates.
  • It helps to stand out from the crowd.

Even applications can pulll data from for getting red zones information in prior which can show personalized product catalogues to customers based on their GPS data.

Hyperlocal Delivery

COVID-19 Hyperlocal Delivery Must

The hyperlocal delivery model uses the geographical location detector for identifying the current location of the customer. It further scans the nearest registered service providers (vendors). Advancing the services with a faster solution in terms of delivery!

This is the most wanted feature at the moment. As long-distance delivery is taking quite a time hyperlocal is the best-suited delivery method.

Hyperlocal is a very hot feature that allows the store to map the customer’s location. And their closest inventory source or store’s management center in advance.

Hyperlocal allows the stores to manage delivery in a short distance radius. And soon which in these times of crisis is helpful for both customers and store managers.

How hyperlocal is helpful in Covid-2021?

  • Boosts for the Traditional Stores sales
  • Least Efforts Required from Retailers
  • Improves Transparency and Efficiency
  • Customers Benefit Because of Competition
  • Run all your Duties through a Single Device

Delivery Boy Tracking and Management

Delivery boy and tracking management is a necessity to stop the spread of COVID-19. As delivery boy will bear a great chance in the whole order delivery of getting infected as they need to cover field distance via wheels.

In every e-commerce business shipping management is the most important thing. Therefore, Delivery Boy Tracking and Management is an important solution in the COVID-19 pandemic for the fulfillment of the order.

Safe Delivery in COVID-19 Lockdown

The delivery boy app provides an easy user interface for delivery boys. Also, it makes the process easy for delivery boys to track and manage their orders.

Tracking management for the delivery boy will even allow customers to prepare for the order receiving safely. As customers will get to know when they are going to receive their orders, through it they can also care about delivery boys, so they do not keep them waiting.

Importance of Delivery Boy Tracking and Management in 2021

Delivery Boy benefit - COVID-19
  • Easy to track through GPS tracking feature
  • Fast delivery through GPS tracking system
  • Add multiple delivery boys to cover the larger areas.
  • Live location and live update through push notifications.
  • Orders to the available delivery boy for quick delivery.
  • Flawless communication through chat portal.

Thus having delivery boy and tracking management app will fetch more orders to store.

PreOrder And Low Stocking Notifications

Due to the pandemic, there are chances of having low stock of the inventory. Also, the buyers can pre-order the items for the safer side. Hence PreOrder and Low Stocking Notifications are important for the e-commerce merchants.

PreOrder And Low Stocking Notifications during - COVID-19

During the lockdown, stores are also facing a shortage of various products such as meat, spreads, etc. Since the store’s supply chain is disturbed and availability and restocking of product are increasingly varied than normal times.

Through preorder stores can take orders for the product or goods which are high in demand. And it will allow stores to manage demand of certain products or goods accurately.

Low stock notifications are certainly going to help stores to start their products or goods restock process from their provider sellers. That will eventually help them to serve their customers with greater reliability and increase their trust.

CRM Software to Retain Customer

The last few months have drastically changed the business operations therefore customer retention is a must to thrive in the market.

Even the COVID-19 has challenged to have crucial business management capacities. There is no proven solution but using the right CRM tool can be helpful for the business. It helps to collect, track, manage, and route the complete business operation to improve productivity.

CRM during Covid-2021

This is where CRM tools can be beneficial for e-commerce merchants. Also, CRM provides an advanced medium for customers to communicate. Moreover, enables them to enunciate their requirements or concerns to the industry through numerous connective points.

Importance of CRM Tool in 2023

  • All in one operation tracking tool
  • Integrate it with office systems
  • Customize emails, SMS and send them in bulk
  • Do Campaigning to boost sales
  • Improve employee’s productivity
  • Forecast commerce sales or turnovers
  • Analyze and View infographic stats.
  • Better protection of data privacy.

Thus, having the right CRM tool for the e-commerce business is the need of the hour.

Help Desk for Better Customer Support in 2023

Help Desk Benefit During Covid-2021

The help desk is essential for better customer support during this pandemic. Provide instant and flawless support experience to the valuable customer. It also facilitates the customer to raise their concern 24*7 to get in touch with support representatives.

Open Source Helpdesk Ticket System provides full-fledge liberty to customize as per business requirement.

Customizations will be easy as the source code is Free and accessible for everyone, now the source is in your hand to use and get the advantage of it, drafting out few benefits of Free Open Source Helpdesk Software below:

Benefits of Open Source Helpdesk in 2023

  • Control in Your Hand — Now you have the freedom to study, use, customize, control and set up your own helpdesk system with or without modification to deliver better support experience to your customers.
  • Security and Privacy — SaaS solution provider maintains all your data. They have the power to add or restrict any functionality which may cause a big obstacle for you. But with FOSS (Free Open Source Software) your data is all secured with you and privacy is also maintained because FOSS users can inspect, verify and modify the source code to maintain a security standard.
  • Quality and Capability —FOSS allows for high-grade collaboration among crowds and individuals along with better community support which helps to build customer support software fit for your purpose, It has the efficiency to be utilized for any standard support service tool.
  • Standard User Support — FOSS allows for better collaboration from parties, developers, and communities with the purpose of developing the most dynamic software for users. It involves everyone for discovering bugs promptly so that it could be fixed soon.

That’s all about the Top 7 Must-Have Online Store Features in 2023 to Boost Up the Sales. Hope This article will be helpful for you.

Stay Home & Stay Safe! Thanks for the read!