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Top 5 Softwares for Mobile Device Management(MDM)

Published: January 2, 2023

What is MDM?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that allows IT administrators to automate control, secure, and enforce administrative policies on smartphones, tablets, and other endpoints. (devices connected to an organization’s network.) IT administrators configure policies through the MDM server’s management console to the end devices using APIs built directly into the operating system. They can also deploy applications to managed devices through the MDM server.

Top 5 MDM Solution


Why MDM?

Android endpoints, like POS, Digital signage, and logistic tracking tablets are now an integral part of everyone’s lives. Most companies now depend on using smartphones and tablets to handle day-to-day business tasks ranging from the critical to the mundane. Although It definitely makes life easier for every employee, it can open up new vulnerabilities on a network as devices might have access to sensitive business data. MDM solutions were developed with these needs in mind, providing a scalable, comprehensive management solution, reducing security risk, controlling which apps can be present on the devices, locating devices, and securing devices if lost or stolen.

Before purchasing an MDM solution you must find out which product would best suit your organization’s needs, what are the other options in the market, draw comparisons, etc. Here, We have done all the heavy lifting for you!!  

We reviewed the market for mobile device management software and analyzed tools based on the following criteria:

  • An option for bulk devices: An ideal MDM should be able to enroll a large number of devices and efficiently manage them.
  • Data privacy: Ensuring the safety of the business data, business content, and devices is a big deciding factor when choosing an MDM. It should ensure proper lockdown or usage restriction of the devices to avoid misuse or theft.
  • Device performance monitoring: This feature depends on to what level you want mobile devices to be monitored and controlled i.e whether or not you require features like location tracking, geofencing features or not, single app mode or multi-app mode, whitelisting and blacklisting, etc.
  • Options for IoT device management: MDM should be robust and able to handle every aspect of IoT device performance. With IoT device management it becomes possible to push updates to each device on the network easily.
  • Device tracking: In case of theft, capturing the identification details like location, time, and device thief is a highly recommended feature for an MDM.
  • Device blocking and wiping functions: In case of theft or misuse, a provision for blocking the devices and remotely wiping out all the data is an important feature. 
  • Free trial: Free trial period is needed to check hands-on if the MDM caters to your requirements or not.
  • Value for money: One should of course look for a full mobile device management system that caters to their requirement at a fair price.

Here are the top 5 Mobile Device Management Solutions that topped our list. We have listed them here along with their best features. Give it a read to pick an ideal package for your organization:

Airdroid Business: Airdroid Business is an all-in-one Android device management software. It ensures the stability of your android endpoints and brings continuity to your mobile business. You can get it deployed on-premise or eliminate upfront costs from on-premises hardware and server setup and deploy it on the cloud for flexible expansion and quick deployment. It provides a plan for everyone, a small-scale deployment option for businesses with 10-100 devices, and a large-scale deployment for bulk devices. Protect corporate data with mobile device security policies(100+).

Key features:

  • Automated enrollment & configuration
  • Application management service(AMS)
  • Kiosk mode
  • Policy configuration
  • Effortless monitoring Alerts & Workflows
  • Protect corporate data with mobile device security policies
  • Lockdown devises to prevent unnecessary use
  • Location tracker & Geofencing
  • Track & locate your mobile workforce
  • Full device visibility

Scalefusion: It is a cloud-based unified endpoint management system that includes mobile device management for Android and iOS mobiles plus kiosk systems. You can host your content on the Scalefusion server and deliver it through a remote access viewer, so files don’t need to be downloaded. This tool ability to mirror screens of iOS and Android devices for support troubleshooting. It comes with a subscription service with three plan levels, all with a rate per device per month

Key features:

  • App storage space
  • A range of onboarding strategies
  • Screen mirroring
  • Tracking, locking and wiping
  • Content and application management
  • Efficient technical support module
  • 14-day free trial

Citrix Endpoint Management (CEM): It is a solution that enables companies to deliver corporate email, corporate apps, corporate content, tools, and network access to mobile devices and tablets whilst protecting the organization from security risks like physical loss, insecure Wi-Fi networks, (such as in coffee shops or trains), and downloading a malicious app. It has three plans- standalone, workspace premium, and workspace premium plus.

Key Features:

  • Best suited for large environments
  • Remote monitoring & device management
  • Machine learning and Analytics
  • Integrations with Azure Active Directory and Okta
  • You can request a demo

SOTI MobiControl: With SOTI MDM deployed in your organization, you can have control and visibility over where your devices are, what they’re doing, how they’re performing, and what security or compliance risks they’re facing. It is an endpoint management solution that can monitor devices from over 170 vendors in one location. Devices supported by SOTI MobiControl include Windows XP, Windows CE, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Key features:

  • Remote viewing
  • Remote control
  • Integrations with Apple DEP, Android zero-touch enrolment, etc.
  • Use scripts to execute management actions
  • Supports IoT devices and desktops.
  • Supports access auditing

IBM MaaS360: It is an EMM software that supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones. With IBM MaaS360 you can monitor the data usage of devices in real-time and deploy updates to mobile applications from a single console. It manages both owner and BYOD mobile devices. It facilitates reporting, profile, policy, and device management by providing visibility of hardware and software inventory details. Its pricing varies from $5 to $9 per device per month. It is a good choice for both small businesses and enterprises.

Key features:

  • Real-time data usage monitoring
  • Malware detection and remediation.
  • Supports IoT devices.
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Single sign-on to web and cloud apps
  • High-quality console.
  • 30 days free trial.