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Top 5 Odoo POS Apps for Your Business

Mohd. Razdar Hasan
Published: May 10, 2022


Small, medium, or large stores can’t complete their sales without an effective POS system. But, alone these POS systems are not enough for your business, as you need some extra extensions or add-ons or apps to make it the Best Odoo POS for your business. Here we will discuss the Top 5 Odoo POS Apps for your business.

Therefore, to make your POS the most robust and reliable solution, you need some apps or extensions or add-ons to make it the perfect solution for your business.

In case you have any doubt about why Odoo is the Best POS? Then, check out ‘How Odoo is the Best POS?.’

Without further ado, allow me to tell you the Top 5 Odoo POS Apps for your business.

Top 5 Odoo POS Apps for Your Business

Let’s begin and find out the Top 5 Odoo POS Apps for your business.

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Odoo POS Merge Category

Odoo POS Merge Category- First app of top 5 Odoo POS Apps

The name may sound simple, but it solves one of the biggest problems of any POS. Non-segregated and uncategorized products cause many problems for both customers and users. Hence, to make product identification easier, they need to be categorized.

Odoo POS Merge Category allows you to segregate the products into several categories.

This app allows you to export all the product categories to Odoo POS. Also, you can link these categories with respective POS categories. Further, create new categories as per need and add products to them.

Features of Odoo POS Merge Category

  • Create a product category for every product in Odoo POS with one click.
  • Add products in existing or created categories.
  • Export product categories to Odoo POS.
  • And link the exported categories to respective POS categories and products.

How Does Odoo POS Merge Category Benefits You?

Customers and POS Users both want products sorted and categorized as it saves their time and effort. Additionally, merging categories and sub-categorization makes it easier for them to find products and add them to the cart.

Further, merging categories improves the operational processes of your business and helps in inventory management as well.

Odoo POS Stock

Odoo POS Stock- Second app of top 5 Odoo POS Apps

Managing stock and seeing that any product doesn’t go out of stock is very difficult as, by default, POS doesn’t show stock count. You need some other app that can update you about the product stock.

The app allows you to display the current product stock and stock type at the POS session. Also, you can set the product limit below which orders will get rejected. You can also allow or disallow the order when the product is out of stock from the configurations of the POS interface.

Moreover, it helps you create a custom message when the product is out of stock at the POS interface.

Features of Odoo POS Stock

  • The Odoo POS Stock app allows you to display the current stock of products in the running POS session.
  • You can select the stock type to show on POS. 
  • You can deny or allow orders for negative stock.
  • Moreover, you can set the stock limit below which POS will deny the order.
  • Also, you can set a custom error message for out-of-stock products.

How Does Odoo POS Stock Benefits You?

POS Stock enables you to streamline orders means it allows you to maintain product stock in your POS. Also, this app lets you manage stock accuracy means all the product stock is maintained, checked, and updated in real-time, so there is no stock mismatch.

Odoo POS WeChat Payment Acquirer

Odoo POS WeChat Payment Acquirer- Third app of top 5 Odoo POS Apps

Processing bills acquiring cash from customers, and handing over the change consumes time. To make payment acquisition easier and make transactions cashless in POS, you require a payment acquirer that enables you to take payment online.

Odoo POS WeChat Payment Acquirer is one of the best payment acquirers for any payment. The reason is that WeChat is both a messaging app and a payment app that solves two problems with one solution.

Integrate WeChat in POS and generate payment QR’s on the go without much difficulty.

Features of Odoo POS WeChat Payment Acquirer

  • Generates QR on selecting the WeChat payment option in POS.
  • On successful payment, it shows a confirmation popup in Odoo POS.
  • Integrates WeChat Pay with Stripe API credentials.
  • WeChat Pay supports multiple currencies.
  • Track and record all transactions in the Odoo backend.

How Does Odoo POS WeChat Payment Acquirer Help you?

To begin with, the WeChat payment acquirer allows you to take digital/online payments and makes the checkout easier for both customer and user(POS operator). Further, it generates the QR of the billed amount, so customers need not enter the amount manually.

This also adds another payment method to the POS and eases the process of payment acquisition.

Odoo POS Screen Lock

Odoo POS Screen Lock- Fourth app in the series

How to make the POS system safer and more secure? That’s the question that every POS user wants to know. One of the ways is to lock the entire system, but it also means that it will take time to unlock. Because the whole system needs to be unlocked, which will take time.

The simplest way to lock POS screens that will wake up the POS screen quickly. But how to do this because POS doesn’t provide a lock screen feature.

Keeping this requirement in mind, we created Odoo POS Screen Lock that locks your POS screen with just a click.

Features of Odoo POS Screen Lock

  • At the beginning of each order, authenticate the POS user by locking the POS screen.
  • Users need to enter their authorized security pin to unlock the POS.
  • Valid POS users can unlock the screen by selecting their names from the POS user list.
  • Also, it has a setting to lock the screen before making a payment for an order.

How does Odoo POS Screen Lock Help You?

When you use Odoo POS Screen Lock, you get to validate the POS user. Moreover, when you enable POS Screen Lock before payment, then once again, you authenticate both the POS user and order.

Additionally, only a user knows their security pin, so every time a POS user locks the screen, you know which user unlocked the POS.

Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers

Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers- last app in the sequence.

Customers want a discount on their every purchase. For that, they need coupons and vouchers. But in the offline store giving an offer is hard. So the question is, how to provide discount coupons and vouchers to them?

To help offer discount coupons and vouchers, we created Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers. It enables you to create coupons and vouchers for your POS. You can use this app to offer discounts to your customers. Further, this app satisfies customers psychologically as they get a discount on their purchases.

Features of Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers

  • Allows admin to create discount coupons and vouchers in Odoo.
  • Enables you to create POS coupons and vouchers from the POS session.
  • Set the validity of POS coupons and vouchers.
  • Customers can use the same coupons and vouchers on the Odoo Website, POS, or Core Odoo (but after installing related apps accordingly).
  • You can send the coupons to customers via mail.
  • Odoo admin can view the entire list of created coupons.
  • Voucher history shows the list of relevant details of all coupons.
  • In addition, the admin can set the redemption rule for the special coupon to partially redeem along with the number of partial redemption. This allows the customers to redeem coupons through multiple small discounts.
  • Create coupons for special or specific customers.
  • Enter the unique code mentioned with each coupon while placing the order to redeem the coupon.

How do Odoo POS Coupons And Vouchers help You?

The app provides mental satisfaction to customers, as they get discounts on their purchases. Additionally, they can redeem the coupon fully or partially and use it several times (on partial redemption) within the validity period.

Further, you can send these coupons and vouchers to customers via mail, therefore, increasing the chances of customers’ shopping again from the shop.


These are the Top 5 Odoo POS Apps that are most profitable. These apps help grow your business and increase sales along with making shopping a better experience for your customers.

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