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Top 10 Trends to Follow for Creating E-commerce Portal

Helen Gilbert
Published: September 30, 2022

What’s new? Every consumer will ask this question since they are bored or tired of seeing the same marketing tricks used to sell products and services.

What’s trending in the digital platform now should be the better question if you are planning to build a website.

Today, we will discuss the major market changes for the New Year and how you could exploit these trends to your advantage in building a new and effective e-commerce portal.

A wide range of free and premium e-Commerce templates predesigned is available at your disposal.

Before that, you need to know the advantages of having a virtual shop irrespective of the type of business you own. Without knowing its importance, you can’t appreciate its potential to earn.

Benefits of an e-Commerce portal

I will provide only a few yet most effective and convincing benefits for you to understand the importance of an e-commerce portal.

  • Wider Audience Target
  • Data Driven
  • Unlimited Business Opportunities
  • Cost Effective
  • New Market – exponentially growth opportunities

While you think about these benefits, we will talk about the current trend that you need to consider while creating an effective e-Commerce portal.

1. Selling potential yet to reach the saturation point

It has been quite a few years since e-Commerce took over the world like a Tsunami and it is still having adverse yet positive implications.

There seems to be no roof to the selling potential online, meaning that the saturation point for e-Commerce is not visible according to experts.

Keeping this in mind, you could focus on the content to input to target a suitable audience for your portal. Portals are usually for B2B and not unusual If used for other sectors too.

2. Research and Analysis

Every consumer will check 100 similar products or services before choosing yours, why don’t you do the same?

80% of the users online conduct extensive research, you need to know the keywords used to search for consumers and analyze the current market.

Once you are done with the analysis, it’s time to strategize and commence your operations.

3. Mobile e-Commerce

Buy things on the move. Consumers and buyers don’t have the time or patience to make a purchase on a desktop these days.

With the exponential increase in browser access using mobile phones, you need to have an excellent quality website that supports all devices without any issues to render data according to the device accessing your portal.

Begin your mobile e-commerce or m-commerce journey with Mobikul.

Cart option is a must for any portal and you need to have that option at any cost.

4. Voice Activated and Voice Controlled

Voice-controlled search and shopping are starting to become a big influence online.

You need an option to search your database via voice as an option along with the relatively orthodox typing method.

Just a whisper will activate and control the application on your device, this has been implemented by various e-Commerce giants and the trend is just the beginning.

To increase the ranking of your site in voice searches, you need to optimize keywords, even the longer ones too over the new few years.

This is definitely a thing you need to consider for the near future if you are not willing to opt for it right away.

5. Personal Touch

The first impression that your portal gives to the consumers will decide if he/she is a returning customers.

The content with a better layout and unique presentation will certainly make the consumer feel comfortable and secure to shop on your particular portal over your competitors.

Keeping a track of returning customers along with their purchase history is an added bonus which will certainly create a long-term business relationship.

6. Chatbots – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not achievable is a myth these days. Chatbots are potentially selling more than a live representative helping the consumer over a sale.

Even a widespread survey from consumers states that they feel comfortable talking to an AI–chatbot to make their purchase.

They are not expensive anymore; even small business owners are implementing this option which will definitely help you over the long run.

7. Subtle Scrolling and Designing Effect

Scrolling is just moving the page up and down, however, it will have an indirect effect on your sales.

A fixed background with the content moving is doing very well in the market and it continues to do so in the near future.

The design implemented here will have a subtle yet powerful effect on the consumer while leading to a positive impact. A perfect example would be the Zencart templates.

e-commerce portal

Details | Demo

8. Typography

Typography is just worded in different formats made to look good together. A bold and out-there statement has been made in 2017 with Typography for websites.

Your e-Commerce should look like you got something worth visiting and you can’t compromise on bad typography.

There are unlimited ways to showcase your words and only talented artists know how to make the combinations work for them.

WooStroid is such a template which offers a wide range of Typography options for you to work with.

e-commerce portal

Details | Demo

9. Animations

I don’t have any information to provide here since it is self-explanatory.

Animations have been working in the past and they will work in the future too but, mobile-concentrated animations would be the latest trending this year too.

10. Curves

Rough edges even in the virtual world are obsolete.

When you notice international brands and social media logos changing to a more eye-soothing curvy design, the trend will shift in their favour.

So, 2018 will certainly have a lot of logo redesigns or even changed entirely just to follow the trend.

Final Thoughts

Creating a portal is easy but creating an effective content-driven portal is difficult yet profitable.

When you look at the highway of an e-Commerce portal, you certainly will get connected to a lot of giant search engines to rate, rank and establish you on the digital platform.