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Top 10 Team Building Activities For Work

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Published: November 10, 2022

A company’s work culture determines the productivity levels of its employees. 

And good activities and games in the office could help build a cheerful work environment. This is why all the startups and successful companies try to come up with interesting games and activities which not only help in team-building but also develop numerous life skills in the employees. These activities help in building healthy interpersonal relationships along with efficient and effective cooperation, and collaboration among colleagues. People also learn to support and trust each other and try to complete tasks on time.

Amazing Team Building Activities


Most Amazing and Fun Team-Building Activities For Work:

So, if you are looking for some fun-filled activities then you are in the right place, let’s begin!

1. Taboo

Simple yet highly creative word-guessing games can help employees hone their communication and critical thinking skills. In this particular game, all you have to do is make two groups (4-5 members each) and provide them with this mobile-friendly game to get their teammates to guess the word at the top of each card, without using any of the other related Taboo words listed underneath. Easy as it may sound, it gets trickier as you play. One of the opposite team members/organizers can stand next to the player while they are helping the team to guess the right word in order to make sure no one is cheating. 

2. The Office-Style Office Mockumentary

Who doesn’t like to have a hearty laugh? Well, a mockumentary could be one such activity that will not only be fun and interesting for everyone to make and watch but will also help build creative thinking, teamwork, communication, and decision-making among the employees. 

All you need is a mobile phone camera with which you can record the behind scenes at work, funny conversations, capture the mannerism of your colleagues, and present them in the most creative way possible. You can divide the entire group into small teams and let them collaborate and communicate to build something that will not just entertain everyone but with some good-natured fun at the state of your company culture, provide ways to improve it. 

3. An XYZ Tournament 

To build collaboration and critical thinking pick one sport, board game, brain teaser, thought experiment – anything liked by a majority of your employees – and turn it into a tournament.

You can keep it short or extend it to a day-long activity depending on the thing you choose. The more creative you get, the more memorable your tournament will be. These events will help create healthy competition among colleagues and ease work-related stress. 

4. Memory Wall

Work relationships are crucial to build, thus a memory wall can be best done through activities that present loving, caring, funny, or interesting traits of each other. Well, to build camaraderie between team members, and foster relationships all you need is a pen and paper and get them to sit in a circle and list their favorite memory with their team members. 

Once they have listed their memories, ask them to draw caricatures or stick drawings representing that memory. After 30-35 minutes, ask everyone to paste their sketches on the wall/space provided. Lastly, get them to take a tour of the drawing and guess the memory. Or ask each participant to share what they have drawn and narrate their favorite memory to everyone. 

5. Skribbl

Online games are super fun to develop creative thinking and communication. Skribbl is one such artistic free online game where the “artist” has to choose a word from the list of words and try to draw it as intelligently as possible for the other members to guess the object/word. Its no-fuss interface makes it easy to play a classic drawing and guessing game.

This game helps activate non-verbal communication among the employees making them more efficient in understating their co-workers—besides, it is hilarious to read the people’s guesses of what you have made on the board.

6. Theme Day

Having a day where everyone gets to dress and behave in a peculiar/funny/interesting/chic/ way according to the theme of the day makes it the most memorable day of the week. So, why bother much, just decide upon a theme and ask your employees to come dressed in a certain way– be it breezy, loungewear, Halloween, chic, or anything you like. Give them ideas for costumes, decorations, snacks, and even conversation starters. It smooths out any awkwardness and generally helps everyone have more fun. Make it memorable and engaging while also helping everyone hone their creative thinking and collaboration.

7. Make A Team Playlist

Everyone loves music! 

The taste in music might differ, but everyone likes music. Leverage this love for music and ask your employees to create playlists that you can play in the relaxing zone of your office, in between meetings, or even in the cafeteria daily. You can take a quick poll- on which day the employees loved the playlist most and can even reward the team who created it. 

This activity gives a sense of acknowledgment and pride in sharing the music you love with the people you spend your entire day with. It helps develop creative thinking, collaboration, and empathy while uplifting and energizing the mood of the entire team.

8. Egg Toss

Wanna play Catch-um-catch? 

But there is a twist, you will get an egg instead of a ball to catch. You fail, you get egg-yolky! So, for enhancing problem-solving skills, teamwork, and trust this game becomes a perfect mix of tension and cooperation, compounded by a time limit.

Make pairs and you are set to go! They have to stay in perfect sync to avoid getting stinky as they toss an egg back and forth. The pairs will have to find ways to keep their precious eggs safe which can be later discussed as critical learning points.

9. Picnic

The back-to-school idea of a picnic is never too old to be relived. Thus, if time allows the company can organize a few picnic days in a year where all the employees can come in comfy clothes and bring one snack of their choice cooked at home for everyone along with a sport/board game they can play in the park/ground.

This way they can enjoy their time knowing each other better and sharing food with love.

10. Design an e-Comic strip 

From Champak and Chacha Chaudhary to Marvel and DC, people must have read a few comics, or even if they haven’t they must have seen comic strips in the newspapers. So, an activity could be planned around comics – design a comic strip about:

  • Your boss/manager
  • Your favorite colleague
  • Best Memory so far at work
  • Any funny incident at work
  • You, at work

This activity will be time bound and hone creative skills and storytelling skills. 


Now, that you have ten amazing team-building activities for work, you can share them with your boss/manager/team and organize these. As these will help to create a positive and creative environment in the office along with closeness among colleagues. Apart from this, these games also create unique networks which are impactful within various teams.