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The power of Opportunity Academies: Jim Liriano’s unconventional transition into tech

Published: January 5, 2023

“Someone with the program reached out to me for a 30-minute interview. I thought it was fairly smooth! I spoke to a couple of people who asked questions similar to those in a job interview. They asked me to describe myself and explain what I wanted to get out of the program, where I could see myself after the program was done, and how engaged I would be during it. I was also asked various questions ranging from my interest in taking the program’s 14-week bootcamp to why I wanted to get into technology at all.

“I was very candid when explaining my situation and why I wanted to take the program seriously. I had no expectations other than wanting to show the program that, if I was accepted, it would mean everything to me. I needed this opportunity, and I would not waste it. I ultimately was accepted! 

“I then received an email that outlined everything I needed to know, including the prerequisite courses and activities I needed to complete on the Pluralsight Skills platform before the program started.”

As part of this program, Pluralsight created a Pre-Work channel—one place for participants to easily navigate the beginning of their learning journey, as well as refer to resources throughout their time in the Academy. If you’re interested in sponsoring an Opportunity Academy, we can help you build custom Pre-Work channels and learning paths that address your skills gaps and organizational goals.