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The 10 Best Professional Intro Templates for After Effects

Andrew Childress
Published: September 13, 2022

When professionalism matters, it’s time to turn to the experts. But don’t think that means hiring a video producer and breaking the bank. Instead, use a professional intro video template for After Effects to set the stage.

You could use professional video templates for many purposes, like:

  • Start off a company town hall or event – give a preview or build energy with a polished intro.
  • Create a project proposal – before you meet with clients, use a professional video to make pitch. This can prepare your colleagues for a successful meeting.
  • Describe a business case – maybe you’re teaching a class or training session and covering a business case. Use a professional video intro to describe the details.

In this article, you’re going to see ten of the best professional intro video templates for After Effects. These templates help you create videos without having to design everything, and they’re all professional and ready for the boardroom.

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The best intro template effects have a few things in common: they’re exciting, stylish, and easy to build. Modern Intro handily checks those three boxes, delivering powerful modern style in a stunning template. It’s versatile enough to support any project but flexible enough to quickly adapt to your needs.

Featuring full HD graphics, this one looks great on any display. It uses a complete set of placeholders into which you can quickly drop in your custom content. Whether you’re sharing photos or videos, you can style them in a flash, thanks to this Adobe effects intro.

If you frequent YouTube, you’ve seen plenty of videos that focus on typography. These videos are a great reminder that going viral doesn’t require hours of recorded footage. With the help of this typographic intro, you can tap into the best text animations to create a kinetic intro of your own.

The text placeholders you see in this preview are easy to update by just typing over the placeholders. Once you’ve done that, you can pair your work with an energetic background music track. It’s the perfect way to build an engaging text intro with just a few clicks.

Set the tone for a high-energy corporate video with a stomp! You could use this intro to kick off an event. The perfect dynamic opener, it’s sure to fire up your audience and keep them focused as you share your big ideas. It delivers maximum energy in a fast-paced package.

A strong opener is a surefire way to deliver a successful message. Modern video templates like this help you build out spectacular openers in moments. After all – you’re trying to energize your audience, and there’s no reason to spend forever doing it.

As you choose the best intro template for your next project, it pays to find a flexible option that you can quickly tailor to your specific needs. Intro effects like this one deliver exactly that, a versatile pack full of elegant style. With timeless design elements, Classic Intro will never go out of fashion, and it looks right at home in any video.

Download the template, then drop in your content. Whether making a short standalone clip or kicking off a big production, you’re sure to make a great impression on any audience.

Here’s another text-focused After Effects intro template with a different style. This intro template is easy to pair with a few photos or solid color slides. Throughout, it features an abstract design aesthetic reminiscent of modern art. Classic retro styling seamlessly merges with contemporary elements to form a unique set of intro text effects.

Plus, always keep in mind that you can use a template like this for more than just an intro. It can also serve as a great set of text overlays or a sleek transition between clips. The choices are indeed all yours.

You’ll see glitch effects in practically every sci-fi or futuristic video. It gives the viewer the sense that the scene is slightly out of control and unpredictable. These effects are popular because they do one thing really well: command attention.

Even though this template is jumpy and glitchy, it’s polished and sharply produced so that it works well for a professional video as a way to get attention quickly. And it looks right at home in a film trailer or music video opener. Custom-built to grab viewer focus, it’s the ideal solution if you need to engage viewers right out of the gate.

Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but some text can really tell stories on their own. That’s precisely what you can do with Creative Intro, a powerful set of text effects to jumpstart your next video project. Dynamic and fast-paced, it’s easily adaptable to titles, intros, trailers, and much more.

Various background options are ready to serve. You might use an image or opt for a solid backdrop. Either way, the handcrafted text overlays perfectly complement your choice. To enhance the impact, pair the titles with a rhythmic musical score for an unforgettable result.

By nature, the fashion world demands designs that are in style. Audiences will appreciate the fact that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Viewers always appreciate a video intro that’s in touch with popular culture, and for you, that means instant credibility and a happy audience.

You’ll find ten images and seven text placeholders in the pack, and each one is quickly customizable with just a few clicks. No matter what type of content you have to share, it will all benefit from the highly fashionable style found only in this sleek intro template for After Effects.

Think about the best intro openers from your favorite films and TV shows. What do they have in common? Likely bright styling, memorable images, a fast pace, and a catchy musical score. Capture these essentials in your own opener, courtesy of Stomping Intro, a truly unforgettable (and quick to edit!) template.

Beyond its winning style, this one also delivers another critical feature: flexibility. Not only is it the perfect show opener, but it’s also long enough to work great as a standalone promo clip. Choose either one, or build a matching set to attract viewers and keep them watching through the credits.

Live presentations, business events, and lectures require a special type of introduction. Specifically, it’s very helpful to introduce participants by name, with a photo and a few key details included alongside. This intro effects template is custom-built for that very purpose. Use it for your next documentary, or play it on stage before a live event.

Customizations are made simple with built-in features. For example, you can quickly change the color scheme with just a few clicks. That’s extremely helpful, especially if you need a video to match your branding. However you style it, it’s the perfect intro for your guest speakers.

Start Using Professional Intro Video Templates Now

Many professionals repeat the same idea: “fake it until you make it.” It’s a mantra for many business professionals rising the ranks to success. For video producers, it means creating a production while leveling up your skills. In the meantime, you can leverage pre-built templates.

Start your professional video on a solid note. Even if you aren’t an Adobe After Effects pro, you can create a video that shows your expertise. Use a template, add your details, and press export. That’s all you need to create a professional video intro of your own.