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The 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets For Travel Photography

Andrew Childress
Published: October 18, 2022

Travel photos help you capture unforgettable memories and experiences, and help you log once-in-a-lifetime moments. But sometimes, you may find that your photos need a little extra help to look their best.

That’s where travel Lightroom presets come in. They help enhance colors, style landscapes and build amazing works of art from everyday photos. They’re easy to use and the perfect additions to your creative toolbox.

To help you get to work editing, we’ve collected ten of the very best free Lightroom presets for travel. Although all are travel themed, you’ll find that they work for many different types of photos. Explore the list and choose the effect that work best for your photo.

Note: These free presets are used for Adobe Lightroom Classic. They each come with XMP files. Take a look at our simple step-by-step tutorial so you can quickly install them all.

Green Hills is a powerful color enhancement preset. Try it out to boost shades of green and to ramp up contrast.

This preset is perfect for travel landscapes and nature scenes. It adds depth and dimension to photos that may look a bit flat at first.

Green Hills  travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Are you aiming for a sun-kissed, retro look? Merigold is the perfect preset for you as it focuses on contrast enhancements to style your photos.

A preset like this is especially suited for landscapes that you see on your world travels. It’s the perfect edit to create timeless photos.

Merigold travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Golden Hour: it’s what photographers call the perfect time of day right before sunset. With this Lightroom preset, you can bring the benefits of perfect lighting to any image.

Using this preset, you’ll see enhanced pink and red hues. The result is soft, with almost pastel-like colors for a soothing, stylish photo edit.

Skyfall travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Here, the name says it all. Bright is a great preset to use if you need to make every shade in your photos pop.

Ideal for travel portraits and landscapes alike, Bright aids in the editing process. With a single click, you can transform dull images into something brilliant.

Bright travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Lushify has been designed to ramp up the contrast in all of your favorite travel shots. You’ll find that it’s especially excellent for photos that feature the sky.

The same is true for ocean landscapes, too. Shades of blue and gray are enhanced. With added contrast, memorable scenes will stand out onscreen or in print.

Lushify travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Sometimes, photos need a general boost to look their best. Azulean is a flexible and versatile Adobe Lightroom preset for that exact purpose.

This one enhances saturation, adding colorful splashes across an entire image. Give it a try to make any photo more eye-catching and fun!

Azulean travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Urban scenes from your travels deserve their own special treatment. With the color enhancements found in this preset, details will stand out.

Use this preset for complex shots with many fine details. The preset treatment is more subtle than other designs, yet with a powerful result.

City Vintage travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Goldrush is a multi-purpose preset that works well for virtually any travel photo. It’s ideal if you need a style boost without significant changes.

With one click, every photo you apply this preset to will look better. Colors will become brighter, shadows and highlights will adjust, and more.

Goldrush travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

Often, your travel photos will include human subjects. Edit shots like this with Sincerely Yours, an elite Lightroom preset for travel.

You’ll also find that the preset works for landscape shots as well. Try it out for cityscapes, nature scenes, and more. It’s a travel preset that you can use every day.

Sincerely Yours travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

See the perfect scene? Sometimes, the photographed result isn’t as vibrant. Fix this quickly with In Living Color, a sleek preset design for Lightroom.

If you’re not pleased with your initial capture, you can make it something magical with this preset. Shadows will vanish, and colors will illuminate vibrantly.

In Living Color travel vacation free lightroom preset photography

How to Install Adobe Lightroom Classic Presets

  1. Download the preset file from the links above.
  2. Find the .XMP file in each download package. Sometimes, the file will come packaged in a zip file and will need to be extracted.
  3. Open Lightroom Classic and switch to the Develop module.
  4. On the left side, find the panel labeled Presets.
  5. Click on the + icon and choose Import Presets.
  6. Browse to the XMP file, select it, and choose Import.
  7. Find your new preset in the sidebar and click on it to apply it to an image.