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Texas Instruments Interview Experience for Embedded Software Intern (On-Campus)

Akanksha Singh
Published: December 19, 2022

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 Hi everyone! I am an undergraduate student pursuing my B.Tech in EEE branch at IIT Guwahati(IITG). Texas Instruments came to our campus to recruit interns for the following roles:

  • Analog Engineering Intern
  • Digital Engineering Intern
  • Embedded Software Engineering Intern
  • Signal Processing Intern

The CPI cutoff is kept at 7.0. All roles were opened for ECE, EEE, and Engineering Physics, and the Embedded software role was also opened for CSE, MnC. The whole recruitment process happened in 2 rounds- Test and Interview.

Test: It was held on the Hirepro platform. The test comprised 20 aptitude questions, 20 questions for each role applied.
Time is separate for each section- Aptitude(30 min), Each applied role section(45 min). The platform is easier to access and navigation is possible.

  • The test is entirely based on the topics they mentioned in the preparation list.
  • Aptitude questions were based on logical reasoning, profit loss, probability, permutations, and paragraph questions were also asked.
  • 5 students for the Analog role, 14 students for the Digital role, 9 students for the Embedded software role, and 5 students for the Signal processing role got shortlisted. 

I applied for an Embedded Software role and got selected for the same. We had our next round after 2 days of the test.

INTERVIEW: Interviews were taken through the Cisco Webex meeting. Firstly he asked me to explain the projects that I have put in my CV I explained them all then he asked me if I was comfortable with C language or else he can go with C++ since I was comfortable with both so he proceeded with C then we were asked to share the screen. Questions were as follows

  • Reverse the digits of an integer. Eg- Given 12345 we have to print 54321
  • How to represent a hexadecimal number in C. =>Adding 0x at  the beginning of any number converts it to hexadecimal
  • Reverse a hexadecimal number without using char data type.   Eg- Given 0xABCDE print 0xEDCBA .
  • Then I was given a code containing several conditional statements and loops and I had to debug it and tell its final output and also like which if statement or for loop will be executed how many times.
  • Difference between array and structure.
  • How to declare a structure.
  • Create a Linked List using the structure and reverse it.
  • What is a volatile Keyword in C 
  • What is the use of the switch statement and how to use it 
  • What is an FSM and to code an FSM with 3 states 
  • What is an Embedded System?
  • He asked me if I have studied microcontrollers. Few questions I might have forgotten.
  • After this, he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked for feedback about the work culture at Texas Instruments. It took 55min in total. 
  • Within one day after the interview, the results were declared.
  • 1 candidate got selected for both analog and signal processing(he opted for signal processing), 
  • 2 candidates were selected for the Embedded software role(I was among the 2) and 2 were selected for the Digital role.
  • HR calls came after announcing the selected candidates.


  • Concentrate on basic concepts and be ready to explain any point in your CV.
  • For this particular role, you should be well versed in C and C++ basics like knowledge about various keywords, how to declare various data structures, etc. 
  • Also if you have studied Microprocessor and Microcontrollers it would be a plus point although you can skip it if you haven’t studied like in my case as we didn’t have any course on it until then also you should be familiar with digital electronics components like latch, flip flop, FSM. 

Thank you.