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Stop pulling from thin air: The benefits of cloud computing

Published: August 19, 2022

The number one way to increase ROI with serverless frameworks and cloud computing is to avoid building anything from scratch. Invest in open-minded research. Sometimes you need to build something yourself, but often there’s a way to shift some of the burden away from your team. 

An easy example is functions. The first thing most developers think of when they hear “serverless” is functions. But the functions running code are just a tiny piece of the puzzle. Serverless technology allows development teams to hand off as much work as they can to cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Just like you wouldn’t buy a field, till it, plant wheat, water it, thresh the wheat into flour, bake bread and toast it to make a piece of toast, you shouldn’t write your own code when the building blocks already exist in your cloud platform. One example is Azure’s Durable Functions feature. This feature manages stateful workflows so your team doesn’t need to explicitly create, store, and retrieve the progress through your data’s workflow in some other place. This process is so common to the systems our teams build that the cloud providers made it available without needing us to write lines of code. It’s like instant toast delivered to your door!

The more your team can leverage already-made code, the more time they get back on their schedules and the more money goes back into your budget.