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Skills You Must Have For FAANG Companies

Published: September 10, 2022

If someone asks you, “Do you want to get into FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) Companies?” Your answer would definitely be, “A Big Yes”. It’s really not easy to get into one. You should definitely have a strong grip over the technical stuff. But, Is that enough? Is having technical knowledge all that is needed to get into FAANG Companies? Of course not, you need to have some non-tech skills as well like communication, multi-tasker, and being a good researcher. 

Skills For FAANG or MAANG Companies


FAANG’s contribution toward the development of the country is commendable. With this being said, let’s explore some of the tech and non-tech skills one must have in order to get into FAANG companies. We have categories below-mentioned points under Tech and Non-Tech. Have a look at each one of them.

1. Programming and Computer Science Skills

It doesn’t matter whether you have tech experience or not, doesn’t matter if you’re from CS/IT branch or not, you must be aware that having a good grip over programming languages and computer science fundamentals is a must. A basic understanding of Networking, OOPS, and DSA should be understood so you can clear the interview rounds. Of course, every one of us knows that we learn with experience so as you’ll work there, things will get more clear. Getting into a FAANG Company is a dream for everyone; the reason may be anything, i.e., a handsome salary, or benefits and perks. So, all these can be achieved if you have a strong command of the programming languages.

2. Good Projects

“Practice Makes a Human Perfect”, With this thought, as you’re clear with the fundamental topics, give your hands-on practice on some projects. Try working on real-life projects using some trending tools and technologies. For example, you can build an e-commerce website using MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS) which is one of the best projects to work on. Upload your projects on open source platforms such as GitHub which is a tech platform for developers to contribute their work. GitHub has more than 54.21 million active global projects and over 15 million developers which makes it the best platform for tech geeks. Keep working on projects so as to get clear on the architecture and working of the application.

3. Ability to Optimize Solutions

If you’re preparing yourself to get into one of the best project-based companies, also try to prove that you’re the best fit for the company. A problem can be solved using different ways but an optimized solution stands out. Generally, FAANG Companies look for people who’re good at bringing an optimized solution. This can be achieved by having good knowledge of DSA. Data Structures and Algorithms – Self Paced is the building block of any programming language that will help you to form a solution that is more accurate, optimized, and less time-consuming. 

4. Communication Skills

The best non-technical skill one can have is knowing how to talk with people. Not only FAANG Companies but also any other company wants their employee to sound professional and have excellent communication skills. Having good communication skills includes speaking clearly, being audible, maintaining eye contact, ways to express your thoughts, etc. These are some of the ways to grab the attention of the listeners. During an official meeting, you’re supposed to be clear so that the listeners listen to each line, and based on this you may be promoted as well. So, it is a must skill for you to have.

5. Research/Quick Learner

In order to get into FAANG Company, you should be a good researcher. Sometimes, interviewers also give you a set of questions, asks you to share the screen, and give you the freedom to google so as to check your research skill, and the ways to try to approach a solution. Also, if you’re unaware of any technology or term, the interviewer wants you to give an honest answer and also that you’ll learn the technology very soon. By this, you prove that you’re a quick learner and have a positive attitude to learn anything. 

6. Multi-Tasker/Versatile

So, being a multi-tasker/versatile is checked during your interview process i.e., how many tasks can you handle at a time or  When you work at corporate, it is likely that you may get so many works at a time, that is the time when you should know how to handle multiple things at a time. Being a multi-tasker is a must skill to have among individuals to get into any IT company be it FAANG or anything. 

7. Think Out-of-the-Box

When given a question, don’t try to follow some traditional ways to solve them. Think out of the box and come up with a solution that makes it look less complex and is also optimized. Expressing solutions which are out of the box are appreciated. For example, X and Z are two developers who’re given the same set of questions where X takes half an hour to come up with a solution following the old-practiced way whereas Z takes one hour and comes up with a solution that he has brain-stormed and solved. Z’s answer will be more appreciated even if he takes extra half an hour to solve the same question because he has broken the old methods and tried something new. That is the skill that companies look for i.e., innovative ways to approach a problem.