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Should You Put Your Picture on Your Resume? [2023]

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Published: November 25, 2022

Picture this: You are a recruiter, looking through resumes. One of them has a great profile and looks like he/she would be a perfect fit for the company. But wait, there’s no picture. Do you move on to the next resume, or do you take the time to reach out to see if he/she is even interested in the position? 

Many people might think that putting a picture on the resume is unnecessary, but a lot of people also think that putting a picture on your resume can make a big difference. 

can i put my picture on my resume


So, should you put a picture on your resume or not? 

In this blog, we’ll go through various pros and cons of putting a picture in your resume and also how to choose the right picture for your resume. Let’s dig in!

Pros of Putting Your Picture in a Resume:

Although most employers prefer to see a traditional resume with no picture, there are some instances where including a photo can be advantageous. For example, if you are seeking a job in a market where appearance is important, such as modeling or acting, a picture can help you stand out from the competition. Including a photo can be helpful if you have an unusual name that is difficult to pronounce or spell. By including a picture, potential employers can put a face to the name and make it easier to remember. 

Including a photo on your resume can also help to show that you are confident and professional. A well-done headshot can convey these qualities without coming across as arrogant or unqualified. Finally, in some cases, particularly when applying for jobs online, employer tracking systems may be unable to identify your resume without a picture properly. In these cases, including a photo can help to ensure that your resume is seen by the right people. 

Cons of Putting Your Picture in a Resume:

While this may seem like a good way to make a personal connection with potential employers, there are actually several drawbacks to including a photo with your resume. Unless you are a professional headshot, your picture will likely be of poor quality and low resolution, which will reflect poorly on your candidacy. Pictures can be distracting, causing employers to focus on your appearance rather than your qualifications. 

Many employers worry that pictures could lead to discrimination based on factors such as age, race, or gender. Some companies have strict policies against including pictures with resumes due to privacy concerns. Finally, in some industries, such as modeling or acting, pictures are expected as part of a standard resume. For most job seekers, however, it’s best to err on the side of caution and leave the pictures off of your resume.

How to Click a Professional Photo For Your Resume?

Your resume should be professional and polished, and your photo is an important part of that. 

Tips For Taking a Great Photo For Your Resume:

  • Make sure the background is clean and simple. Avoid distractions like busy patterns or cluttered shelves. You want the focus to be on you, so choose a plain wall or backdrop.
  • Think about what you’re wearing. You don’t need to wear a suit, but avoid anything too casual like jeans or a t-shirt. Stick to solid colors that complement your skin tone. And make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free!
  • Pay attention to your posture and expression. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, and look directly into the camera with a confident yet friendly expression. And don’t forget to smile! 
  • Taking the time to take a great photo for your resume will pay off in the long run. 

“DON’Ts” For Clicking a Professional Photo For a Resume: 

  • Avoid using selfies. These tend to look amateurish and can make you appear unprofessional. 
  • Don’t use an outdated or retouched photo. Your goal is to look like your best self, not to create an artificial version of yourself. 
  • Avoid photos that are too casual or informal. Stick to a clean, well-lit headshot that shows you in business attire. 

Where You Should Put a Photo On Your Resume?

So, where should you put a photo on your resume? The answer may surprise you. It turns out that the best place for a photo on your resume is actually at the top of the page, in the middle. This may seem like an unconventional choice, but there are actually a few reasons why it works well. A photo at the top of the page helps to make your resume more visually appealing and easy to scan. 

It allows you to control the way that potential employers see you. And third, it ensures that your photo is noticed among all of the other information on your resume. Hence, if you’re looking for the perfect place to put a photo on your resume, consider putting it at the top of the page.

In Which Countries You Can Put Photos in the Resume?

Many countries have different opinions about putting photos on resumes, some allow doing and some won’t, here’s a list, please take a look:

Do not use pictures on your resume in these countries:

  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Ireland

You can use pictures on your resume in these countries:

  • Continental Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Belgium
  • Africa
  • Germany
  • Spain

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Parting Words:

There is no pin-point answer to whether you should put a picture on your resume or not. It depends on the situation and the type of position you are seeking. If you are applying for a job in a more conservative field, it might be best to leave your picture off your resume. However, if you are applying for a more creative position, having a picture can help personalize your resume and make it stand out from the rest. 

Although there are some advantages to putting your picture on a resume, it is important to use discretion and only include a photo if it will actually improve your chances of getting the job. 

So ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not to include a picture on your resume. But just remember that whatever decision you make, make sure that the image is professional and good quality.

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