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Shopware Customization

Ayushi Rastogi
Published: September 15, 2022

After the pandemic hit the world, there was a sudden quick rise in the eCommerce industries. And if you are here exploring it, I am sure you are looking to develop an eCommerce store.

The tough decision after you have decided to make an eCommerce store is to select on which platform you want to have your store. Don’t get confused about it, as we are here to help you.

We all know these days establishing an offline store is far more time-confusing rather than developing an online store. An online store would help your eCommerce business start boosting traffic and generating revenue.

Let us go through it in detail would show you how establishing Shopware development will take you to the heights. Go with us to explore different editions, versions, themes, plugins, etc.

Basic Requirements to Start Your eCommerce Website With Shopware Customization

We make you understand the successful eCommerce platform, full of fledged features and customization to achieve business needs. It is none other than- Shopware. It is growing in the UK at an alarming rate with about a 500% growth rate.

Using Shopware Customization Services, you can have a platform with a combination of smooth commerce and content that has flexibility with APIs. It is a complete package of multiple features, time to do marketing, and less cost to ownership.

For starting your eCommerce platform with Shopware Customization Services, you first need to hire any Shopware Development Company, and then there is a need to download the latest Shopware edition that is free and open source.

  • Shopware eCommerce Editions

Shopware has 4 types of editions that include-
Community, Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise. Every edition comes with specific features according to the business needs.

  • Shopware Hosting (Web Server) Requirements

After choosing the edition for the Shopware, now you need to have the basic Shopware hosting requirements so that it can run efficiently.
Many Shopware Hosting providers can offer you the best Shopware Cloud Hosting plans and other services. These are the following requirements of Shopware Hosting:

  1. Apache 2.2 or 2.4 Web server
  2. MySQL 5.5 or higher
  3. You should have a Minimum of 4GB of space Hard Disk
  4. A version of PHP 5.6.4 or it should be higher
  5. Cron jobs
  • Shopware Backend Requirements

Let’s check out the Shopware System Requirements:

  1. The latest version of browsers
  2. 4 GB RAM or higher
  3. Cookies and JavaScript enabled
  4. Backend resolution should be a minimum of 1366 x 768 pixels
  5. Better to have Dual-core CPU

How to Create an eCommerce Site Using Shopware Customization?

Once all the requirements, the question comes of how to create the website on Shopware. For it, you can hire a good company that provides Shopware Customization Services.

With that, you don’t have to worry about the hurdles while developing any website. Shopware Customization would complete by them with all the small things to take care of.


Below is a detailed guide to show you the steps to develop an eCommerce website using the Shopware Customization-

Create your online account

You first need to start by accessing the official website of the Shopware e-commerce platform, and by selecting Start now, you can start working on it. Fill in all the credentials for your future eCommerce store.
It will take some time then the system generates your online store. Go ahead with choosing the language and currency you want to keep by default for it.

Develop a custom home page

Once you create a store online, you need to move ahead with logging in to the store and then developing the custom home page for it.
After it, navigate through the dashboard, go to Content- Shopping experiences, and click on it. You can see a variety of layouts to choose from, with various blocks like pages for listing, and landing pages of your store.

It includes some important information with it as-

  • It has some terms and the contract form included with it.
  • Landing pages have some of the theme pages having designs and tools for marketing.
  • It includes product listing also.

Section type

After this, let’s check the structure of the website. It has a tool for structuring that will let you choose your layout going to structured.

You have the option to choose the layout having a sidebar or a layout with width for a full page. And always remember to save the layout’s name.

Assign your layout

Now navigate through the Catalogue section and select the Category. After it, you have to check the Edit button and press it.

Now, assign Under” Layout Assignment” assign the created layout. To see the changes, just refresh the frontend page.

Add products

After assigning the layout you need to add the products. Just explore the Catalogue section and under products, you can see the additional product section. With the menu, you have to put the details in adding a title, description, manufacturer, price, deliverability, and media.

This was all for creating the eCommerce site through Shopware Customization. If you want to have more customization as per your business needs, you can go to Shopware Customization Services and they’ll help you out with very less time.

Why Choose Shopware among other platforms for an eCommerce Store?

We have all discussed the crucial steps to follow while creating an eCommerce website but have you questioned yourself while creating it, why we have chosen Shopware only?

Why not some other platform? And then the major question that should arise in your mind is whether Shopware proves to be a good fit for your website.

It is dependent on many factors that will solve your query. 


If you want to have a perfect and stiff eCommerce store, including plugins and the latest features, then you can go with Shopware. But you should be prepared you have to pay a pretty good amount for it.

You can use the Shopware modules for adding functionalities to your eCommerce website instead of typing the long code structure.

Basically, a good store demands a good investment. Shopware Customizations Services would help you to achieve your all business needs and is pretty well for small companies and large enterprises who are looking for a perfect store.

Shopware Community would always be there for you in case you feel you’re stuck between something in achieving your business goals. Get ready to know all the reasons ahead to know why to go with Shopware Customizations whenever you’re building an eCommerce platform.

Overview of the Main Benefits

We have checked the requirements to install the Shopware for your eCommerce store and chose the Shopware from so many platforms. The reason for choosing it above all the platforms is its scalability and its robust nature that allows you to develop your store in a few clicks.

Check out some of its main benefits as follows-

  • Choice of Editions. As per your requirements, you can select any edition of Shopware that is suitable for you. There comes a free version, paid versions, and premium versions also.
  • Huge choice for the functionalities of eCommerce. It makes you customize your store with extra functionalities to broaden your platform.
  • Highly scalable. It will handle the huge traffic easily and can easily be scaled to any extent
  • Robust as using APIs approach
  • Under the MIT license, it is entitled as an Open-source 
  • Shopware customization helps you with customizing your store as per your needs
  • Very less cost of ownership.
  • Short span to deploy
  • Easily migrated. You can do the migration from the old version to the new version easily
  • Using the plugins or Shopware Mobile Apps, you can extend the platform

Wrapping Up

Whenever you think to build an eCommerce website for your business, go with Shopware. And if it feels tough for you to develop it then go with hiring any Shopware Customization Services that make your work easy.

It will make you perform the other tasks that are also important for your business meanwhile your hiring company will do their work in developing the website. With the help of Shopware developers, you can build a robust store and have advanced features in it.


So, that was much about How to have an eCommerce Website expeditiously with Shopware Customization for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.