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SBSB Interview Experience – GeeksforGeeks

Akanksha Singh
Published: July 4, 2022

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I had applied at SBSB in the month of April, finally got an interview call in May. The interview process had 4 rounds, 3 rounds technical and 1 ‘AA’ round. 2 rounds were conducted on the same day and remaining 2 on another day.

Round 1:

  • 1 Leetcode question: Dynamic Programming
  • Word Break problem of leetcode medium level.
  • LLD question to design  an technical discussion forum.

Round 2: HLD question on system design and implementation. Here they had taken a problem statement of their own project and asked me to implement. It was for basically aggregating stats from multiple sources and design a scalable, secure and fault tolerant system. Here focus on asking right questions to interviewer for first 15 minutes, which will define on how the round will progress.
Round 3: This was a combination of behavioral and a coding round. Coding round was for writing a code to parse a 10TB of file and filter some parameters from it. Was able to just explain and write pseudo code for algorithm but couldn’t complete the entire coding.
Round 4: This was a round with a senior director and it was more of a behavioral round with one coding question. Needed to insert an element into a sorted circular linkedlist. Somehow I was not able to focus in the question in this round and it didn’t go pretty well.