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Pick a Retainer Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Scale and improve your website & web app each month. Build the next big piece of your software. Take real action on customer feedback. Get a retainer with

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RetainerTermHours per MonthDiscount RateMonthly SavingsMonthly Rate
Front-End Dev 10-9090-Day10 hrs10% Off$69/m Savings$620
Front-End Dev 15-9090-Day15 hrs15% Off$155/m Savings$880
Front-End Dev 20-9090-Day20 hrs20% Off$276/m Savings$1,104
Front-End Dev 10-3651-Year10 hrs15% Off$103/m Savings$585
Front-End Dev 15-3651-Year15 hrs20% Off$207/m Savings$828
Front-End Dev 20-3651-Year20 hrs25% Off$345/m Savings$1,035
Front-End Dev 10-7302-Year10 hrs20% Off$138/m Savings$552
Front-End Dev 15-7302-Year15 hrs25% Off$258/m Savings$776
Front-End Dev 20-7302-Year20 hrs30% Off$414/m Savings$966
Mobile-App Dev 10-9090-Day10 hrs10% Off$99/m Savings$891
Mobile-App Dev 15-9090-Day15 hrs15% Off$222/m Savings$1,263
Mobile-App Dev 20-9090-Day20 hrs20% Off$396/m Savings$1,584
Full-Stack Dev 10-9090-Day10 hrs10% Off$175/m Savings$1,575
Full-Stack Dev 15-9090-Day15 hrs15% Off$393/m Savings$2,230
Full-Stack Dev 20-9090-Day20 hrs20% Off$700/m Savings$2,800
Full-Stack Dev 10-3651-Year10 hrs15% Off$263/m Savings$1,487
Full-Stack Dev 15-3651-Year15 hrs20% Off$525/m Savings$2,100
Full-Stack Dev 20-3651-Year20 hrs25% Off$875/m Savings$2,625
Full-Stack Dev 10-7302-Year10 hrs20% Off$350/m Savings$1,400
Full-Stack Dev 15-7302-Year15 hrs25% Off$657/m Savings$1,968
Full-Stack Dev 20-7302-Year20 hrs30% Off$1,050/m Savings$2,450
Maintenance-1090-Day10 hrs10% Off$100/m Savings$900
Maintenance-1590-Day15 hrs15% Off$225/m Savings$1,275
Maintenance-2090-Day20 hrs20% Off$400/m Savings$1,600

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