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Publicis Sapient Interview Experience for ASDE-1 (On-Campus)

Akanksha Singh
Published: December 30, 2022

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I am a CSE graduate from the National Institute of Technology Uttarakhand. So this is my on-campus placement and after clearing all round I got selected. There were 3 rounds in total.

Round 1(Coding Round): The test was conducted on the Hacker Rank Platform. The Duration of the test is 1.5 hours the difficulty level of the questions is easy, medium, and medium-hard. I solve all 3 in 30 min.

  • Question 1: Easy problem
  • Question 2: Medium problem
  • Question 3: The medium-hard problem

Round 2(Technical Interview): I received a mail from the college that I am selected for the next round and it took approx 2 weeks. So after some days, I got a mail regarding an invitation to google meet for an interview. They ask the following topic in this round.

  • starting with some basics of c++
  • about data structure like a stack, queue, its complexity analysis
  • sorting algorithm, some more on dsa
  • scheduling algorithm and some other concept of OS
  • some basics of computer networks
  • finally they gave me one situation-based question for coding purposes and ask some questions about my code, approach

This round was a little difficult. Within 30 min I got another mail regarding the next round.

Round 3(HR Interview): This was almost a chit-chat round. asked/discuss these things and it took around 30 minutes.

  • Introduction
  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Where do you see yourself in 2 – 3 years?
  • discussion on Projects.
  • He asked me about my family background.

The platform used for calling was google meet.

Thanks for reading.

Good Luck.