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Protocol and Pluralsight: Key Takeaways in Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Published: March 10, 2022

The tech skills gaps are only getting bigger. Recent IEEE Report shows that as much as 72% of today’s IT workers plan to quit their jobs this year. The number of developers applying for open positions has decreased by 18% over the last few years. 

And, Why are they leaving? 

Well, 95% cite career development as the primary reason for shifting jobs. Compensation is tied to career development, but it isn’t enough.

So how do we tackle it?

The Post pandemic phase is not ending—This is the new normal. We’re already in it. Companies have to embrace it and adapt. They have to evolve their talent strategies. One way they can do this is to shift from being consumers of talent to becoming creators of talent. 

It’s a shift in philosophy and organizational culture; This means you focus on developing talent and not just hiring talent. And one practical way companies can do this is by creating internal developer academies, cloud academies, or cybersecurity academies, for example, to reskill team members who want to be a part of the tech future. When you do this, team members become much more engaged. It drives morale boosts across the company, and if your team members are engaged and have opportunities to learn and grow, it will address this issue head-on.