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Product Types in Magento 2:

Ashish Kumar
Published: December 14, 2022

Magento Products

Magento is one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms, many merchants prefer it because it offers you multiple product types to opt for.


By default, there are 6 types of products in Magento:

  1. Simple Products
  2. Configurable Products
  3. Virtual Products
  4. Downloadable Products
  5. Grouped Products
  6. Bundle Products.

Let’s explore all the product types of Magento 2:

1) Simple Product: It is the most widely used product type in Magento. A simple product is a physical item without any selectable variations and has weight & a unique SKU code.

E.g. – a power bank is a simple product as it has its own SKU code.


2) Configurable Product: Configurable products are a combination of simple products with other options such as size, color, etc. However, each option has its own SKU which makes it possible to the store admin to manage the inventory of every product option.

E.g. – T-shirt. For buying one T-shirt, customers can choose different colors or different sizes.

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3) Virtual Product: Virtual products are those products, which do not have a physical presence. and they do not need to ship, download, or deliver.

E.g. – services, warranties, and subscriptions.


4) Downloadable Product: Downloadable products are the ones that the customers can download. It can be in the form of software, ebook.

E.g. – A Yoga video for the learners, music files, and software, etc. are downloadable products.


5) Grouped Product: A Grouped product is a collection of several simple products or virtual products, which are present as a group. The products can purchase separately or as a group.

E.g. – a furniture set and a combo of beauty products (eyeliner with mascara), etc.


6) Bundle Product: Bundled products are a collection of simple products. They cannot sell individually. The customer has to compulsorily buy all the items together.

E.g. – of a yoga kit:


Before adding this product to the cart, buyers must first customize it using a set of predefined options, and the final price will depend on their choice.


These are concise, but informative definitions of the 6 product types in Magento 2, you can read and get knowledge of the Magento Products Types.

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