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Product Information Management for Automobile Industry

saurav pathak
Published: October 20, 2022

With the continuous technological changes, changing market demands and customer preferences, and adapting to the business process, companies need to harmonize their master data for vendors, suppliers and distributors.

Today everyone in the automotive industry requires in-depth information about the parts.


Source: AutoCare

Auto standards like PIES and ACES, help manufacturers and sellers enhance their product data which helps in easy sharing and reducing inefficiencies that can arrive by maintaining data in multiple formats.

PIES or Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) helps in better management and exchange of product information fields like pricing, delivery information, content, product attributes etc for all members of the supply chain.

<Item MaintenanceType="A">
AttributeUOM="IN" >3.5</ProductAttribute>
<------------Sample PIES XML File for Product Attributes---------------->

ACES or Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard defines the standard for communicating product information among the suppliers and other members of the family.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ACES version="3.2">
<SenderName>Joe Smith</SenderName>
<DocumentTitle>Electrical Switches</DocumentTitle>
<App action="A" id="1">
<BaseVehicle id="8559"/>
<!-- 1997 Cadillac Catera -->
<PartType id="4472"/> <!-- Electrical/Headlight/Switch -->
<App action="A" id="2">
<BaseVehicle id="8833"/>
<!-- 1998 Cadillac Catera -->
<PartType id="4472"/> <!-- Electrical/Headlight/Switch -->
<App action="A" id="3">
<Years from="1997" to="1998"/>
<Make id="14"/>
<!-- 1997-1998 Cadillac Catera -->
<Model id="398"/>
<PartType id="4472"/> <!-- Electrical/Headlight/Switch -->
<App action="A" id="4">
<BaseVehicle id="8559"/>
<!-- 1997 Cadillac Catera -->
<EngineBase id="389"/> <!-- V6 181ci 3.0L -->
<EngineVIN id="18"/> <!-- [R] -->
<Qual id="23">
<text>With Air Conditioning</text>
<Qual id="929">
<param value="90487546"/>
<text>w/Starter 90487546 (1st Design)</text>
<PartType id="4188"/> <!-- Electrical/Starter/Solenoid Switch -->
<App action="A" id="5">
<BaseVehicle id="9281"/>
<!-- 1972 Ford LTD -->
<Note>Exc. Wagon</Note>
<!-- Allowed because BodyType is U/K -->
<PartType id="4472"/> <!-- Electrical/Headlight/Switch -->
<App action="A" id="6" validate="no">
<BaseVehicle id="5404"/>
<!--1980 Ford Fairmont -->
<Aspiration id="6"/> <!-- Turbo (not valid in VehicleTo table) -->
<PartType id="10068"/> <!-- Radiator Coolant Hose -->
<Position id="46"/>
<!-- Upper -->
<------------Sample ACES XML File for File Transfer---------------->

Suppliers can maintain data in standardized attributes or in XML format for exchanging large amounts of data digitally.

Now, even Amazon and eBay also follow ACES and PIES standards to get data in the prescribed format from the suppliers in the respective categories.