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Product Group Types and Groups in Akeneo

Adarsh Shukla
Published: October 27, 2022

For creating the groups in Akeneo you can go to Akeneo dashboard and go to Setting – > Groups. Here you will get all the Product Groups and create a new group option.

Create a product Group

After clicking on the create group icon you have to enter the group code and select a group type. You have to click on the save button to create a product group.

Add the Group details

Now you can see all products created in Akeneo. Here you can add the product to the product group.

Filter the product with Group

You can filter the product that you want to add to the product group. We can find the product filter grid as Group, Family, Status, Complete, Created at, Updated at, and channels.

Using filter in Akeneo

You can also filter the product with the family attribute. Now click on the filters and you will get product family with attributes.

Product Family

Now you can select the product and can assign it to the product group.

Product in Akeneo

After assigning the product to the product group you can see the product is added to the group.

Add the product to the created group in Akeneo

Now go to your Akeneo product list and you can filter your products with the groups.

Check the Groups

After selecting the group you can see the product in the product list as you assigned.

Filtering the product with the Group