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Prestashop Payment Gateway

Ashish Sehgal
Published: November 22, 2022

Offer your customers fast, secure, and reliable payment option by integrating your PrestaShop store with payment gateway. Create custom subscription plans and let your customers subscribe to their favourite product in a few clicks.
Increase customer retention and boost loyalty on your store by refunding the order amount. Refund full or partial amount for the orders placed via payment gateway.

Features of Prestashop Payment Gateway

  • Adds payment method to your PrestaShop store.
  • Let your customers subscribe to products using payment option.
  • Create multiple subscription plans and assign them to the products and their combinations.
  • Select the payment frequency in an interval of days or months.
  • Assign subscription plans to individual products and their combinations.
  • Customers can view subscription plan details on the product page and subscribe to the product.
  • Customers can view a list of subscriptions and their status from their accounts.
  • Customers can also cancel their subscriptions.
  • View a list of transactions done via under Transactions tab.
  • Refund the full or partial order amount to the customer.
  • Enable or disable the payment through HPP (Hosted Payment Page).
  • Use the module in test or live mode.
  • Prestashop Payment Gateway module is MultiShop Compatible.

How to Install Prestashop Payment Gateway

  • Firstly, go to the module manager in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.

Module Configuration


After the successful installation of the module, you need to configure it. You need to specify the credentials to integrate your PrestaShop store with Also, you can choose to use the module in live or test mode.

Payment through HPP

If enabled, then the customers gets redirected to the hosted payment page for payment. Also, you need to specify the signature key.


Please note that in case of payment through HPP, the customers cannot subscribe to the products.

How to Get the Keys

To obtain the credentials, you need to create a sandbox account on

Click on Get Started under Hello World tab.


Now click on Create Sandbox Account button.


Fill the form to create your sandbox account.


Now, specify the username and password to login.


To obtain the keys, click on API Credentials & Keys under Account tab.



For getting the notification, you need to add the following URL in your merchant account. Go to account -> Business Settings -> Webhooks -> Add Endpoint.


Front End Workflow

Once you have configured the module settings, a new payment method gets available for store customers to make the payment.


On clicking Pay by payment option, a popup appears on the page where the customer needs to enter the card details and zip to complete the payment.


After placing an order, the payment method name will display on the order confirmation page.


Kindly note that in case of test mode, customers can make payments for their orders in currency selected by the merchants in their account.

If payment through HPP is enabled

If you have enabled the option, then the customers gets redirected to the hosted payment page. Here, the customer needs to enter the card and billing address details to complete the payment.


After making payment, the customer can view order total, billing address, and transaction ID.


On clicking the continue button, the customer redirects to the website.


After the installation of the module, a new order status “Awaiting authorize payment” gets added by default in the back office. If a customer has made the payment for an order on hosted payment page. Then, the status of an order will be Awaiting authorize payment as shown in the below screenshot.


Create Subscription Plans

To create a new subscription plan, click on the “Add Plan” button.


On clicking the Add plan button, a form appears with following options:

  1. Plan name – Specify the name of the subscription plan.
  2. Select frequency – Select frequency of the delivery cycle in days or months.
  3. Frequency interval – Enter the interval between two payments.
  4. Cycles – Specify the number of payment cycles for which the subscription plan will be active.

Suppose you have selected frequency as months and set frequency interval and cycles as 2 and 6. Now, if a customer subscribes to a product, then payment will deduct every 2 months for 1 year.


Once added, you can view it under plans tab.


Assign products to plan

Under the plan products tab, you can assign plans to the products.


On clicking the add plan product button, a form appears on the page with following options:

  • Select plan: Select the subscription plan here.
  • Choose product: Choose the product to which you want to assign the subscription plan.
  • Select combinations: You can select the combinations of a product on which the plan will be active. You can choose to assign the subcription plan to specific combinations or all the combinations at once.

Once assigned, you can view a list of products under the plan products tab.


You can also assign the subscription plan to the individual products. Go to catalog -> products -> edit product -> modules.


Click on Configure button under the modules tab.


Front End Workflow

The customer can view the subscription details on the product page.


After selecting the subscribe option when the customer adds a product to the cart, he can view label denoting the subscription product on the cart page.


The checkout process for purchasing product subscription will be same as the standard product.

Kindly note that if payment through HPP is enabled, then the subscription functionality will not work.

Customer Account

After the installation of the module, a new tab “My Authorize Subscription” gets available under in customer’s account.


From this tab, the customers can view subscriptions and track their status. Also, the customers can cancel the subscription.


A list of all the subscriptions is also available under the subscriptions tab in the back office.


View a list of all the transactions done via payment gateway under the transactions tab.


In the above screenshot, it can be seen that transaction ID for some of the transactions are missing. This is because the payment for an order has been done on the hosted payment page. At the time of subscription, the transaction will create and the transaction ID gets generated.

Also, you can manually enter the transaction ID for a transaction.


Refund Process

PrestaShop Payment Gateway extension allows you to refund the order amount. You can choose to refund the full or partial amount to the customer.


Once refunded, the status get updated under the transactions tab.



For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket or send us a mail at [email protected]

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Current Product Version – 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version – 1.7.x.x