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Pluralsight launches tech solutions

Published: October 12, 2022

Why we built our enterprise-ready solutions


Content is a commodity

Send teams to YouTube if all they need is content. Dumping a bunch of generic content on your teams and telling them to master it doesn’t work. The idea of learning isn’t enough, especially when teams struggle with an overload of content from different providers with varying quality and no consistent way of measuring the content’s effectiveness.

Action item: Be intentional. You can’t build programs on content alone.


Organizations lack guidance on what success looks like for a given role

They also need support on how to guide their employees through that journey. In our 2022 State of Upskilling report, technologists said a lack of time and budget are the greatest detractors to upskilling. In fact, we found only 36% of organizations allocate time for learning.

Action item: You need a more programmatic and holistic approach to make learning a priority. Anchor to specific problems and objectives, with clear understanding of what success looks like for a given role. Connect the why, when, and how for everyone involved.


There’s no clear measurement of how teams stack up

In the war for talent, how do you determine how teams stack up and how that translates to the ROI on their skill development investments? The answer is simple: analytics. You need data to know upskilling and reskilling is working and how that ranks you against your peer organizations. 

Action item: Connect and measure progress against purpose. Don’t be afraid to revamp programs with low engagement and that don’t deliver ROI.