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PhonePe Interview Experience – GeeksforGeeks

Published: May 25, 2022

Tips for Interview: Practice at least(easy and medium questions from leetcode under(Top Interview Questions)) or all the questions from Gfg under(must do coding questions for interviews))

Also, the other major tip is don’t learn each and every question you solved but try to solve questions in a way that you can solve its variation during interviews

Further, it is important for you to do at least one project(one is enough) which you can explain with full technical details (why you used this technology, and all logic you applied in implementation) 

You should Put only those skills in your resume, that the company requires (eg if you know the company doesn’t require Networking domain knowledge so don’t include it unnecessary if you are not much confident in it)

Round 1 : 3 coding questions

Round 2:  This was a completely technical coding round where I was asked to solve the problems of data structures. The codepad where I was asked to code was fine, The interviewer was very friendly and was helpful and understanding. I also asked him about his work and experience in the company and some other questions.

Given a matrix m*n with integers filled in it. I was required to find the maximum path sum in the matrix starting from any element of the matrix. The condition was that I was allowed to move only right or down from any index(i,j).

You have been given an N*M matrix filled with integer numbers, find the maximum sum that can be obtained from a path starting from any cell in the first row to any cell in the last row.

From a cell in a row, you can move to another cell directly below that row, or diagonally below left or right. So from a particular cell (row, col), we can move in three directions i.e.

Down: (row+1,col)
Down left diagonal: (row+1,col-1)
Down right diagonal: (row+1, col+1)

Approach: First I just told him the most brute force approach of finding every possible path for every element of the matrix then choosing the maximum among that path and then storing that max path in some other 2D matrix. He then discussed the time complexity of the solution Then I told him where the repetitions were occurring in this approach and then then I directly told him the best solution for this problem by using DP and starting from the last element of the m*n matrix.

Round 3: It was held on the Gmeet platform. The interviewer was a very experienced person and was very nice too. He made me comfortable by first introducing himself in a very detailed way and then asking me mine introduction.

Since I feel that his internet connection was not very good so he turned off his camera but I decided not to turn off mine as in online interviews your face reviles your confidence the interviewer mostly asked me questions about my interests in the technical field and the project that I have done.

The HR person is generally a very high experienced person so we should never tell him anything false just to impress him. Also, try to include only the things in your introduction where you want to drive your discussion further. Moreover, we should try to show some interest in your growth and the work that they are offering you and in what sense they can help you build your skills better.