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Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise | Odoo 15

Arpita Gupta
Published: September 6, 2022

Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise: A 2022 Comparison for Odoo V15.

One of the top open-source ERP systems currently on the market, Odoo includes a wide range of business management apps. Odoo offers you specialized modules that address nearly all business requirements in a firm for the efficient management of business operations. 

Regardless of the size and nature of its organization, Odoo has become a favorite across many industries thanks to its adaptability. The advanced functionality of the modules in Odoo improves employee performance, which also helps to increase business efficiency.

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One of the most well-known business management programs is called Odoo, and it helps users manage ERP, e-commerce, and a variety of other applications. There are currently more than 7 million users of Odoo worldwide.

Multiple Applications Available in Odoo!!

You can find various modules in Odoo that are appropriate for your company’s needs, like CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Website & E-Commerce, Project, HR Management, and many others. Different versions of Odoo are available, and the most current one to be released is Odoo 15 with its dynamic features and functionalities.

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To get new features and modules, you can update to the most recent version. You can choose between two editions of Odoo, such as Community and Enterprise. In a nutshell, we can say that the Community edition is cost-free and that you do not need to pay to use the module for your company.


While Odoo Enterprise is a licensed and shared source, the Odoo Community is an entirely open-sourced version. Business functionalities will have more flexibility as a result.

The editions of Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise both provide a selection of useful modules appropriate for company operations. Both Odoo versions include modules for sales, purchases, accounting, inventory, etc.

The advantages of Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community for various business endeavors can be clarified by comparing the two platforms. Use several comparison criteria, such as support, bug fixes, upgrades, hosting, and pricing, to evaluate and contrast the two versions.

So, let us see what is Odoo Community (Open-Source)

Odoo community is an open-source edition. It got released under the LGPLv3 license. Odoo Community is a free version for satisfying business needs. It was created and tested by OCA. It is an excellent companion for business enterprises because it offers a variety of customizable modules appropriate for commercial operations.

The absence of unrestricted functional support, version upgrades, and hosting assistance are a few of Odoo Community’s shortcomings in comparison to Odoo Enterprise. The studio app does not support mobile devices. Odoo Community does not allow for full usage of the Sales, HRMS, Website, eCommerce, or other modules.

Now let us talk about Odoo Enterprise (Licensed)

Odoo Enterprise Edition is Odoo Community with additional features. It improves operational speed, efficiency, and compatibility with mobile browsers. Odoo SA provides Odoo Enterprise with unlimited functional support, frequent upgrades, and public and private cloud hosting support.

The Subscription fee is determined by the number of users and the apps used because this is a paid version. Odoo Enterprise transforms a business from an open-source software vendor to a provider of proprietary services.

Odoo Community lacks multiple functional modules. Data Cleaning, Sign, Help Desk, Marketing Automation, Quality Management, Maintenance, Online Appointment, Subscription, and Studio are some of the services available. Odoo Enterprise includes all of these apps and more. Odoo Enterprise has an advantage over Odoo due to additional features of existing applications such as barcode integration, shipping connector, MPS, VOIP, and so on.

Here, we are going to look at the differences between the Odoo V15 Community and Odoo V15 Enterprise Edition:

Odoo Community Vs Odoo Enterprise Features!!


Thinking about switching from Community to Enterprise!!

If you currently use Odoo in the community and want to move to the business version, Odoo offers a number of options for doing so. The procedure, however, is entirely dependent on your current installation.

To switch to enterprise, follow these simple steps:

  • Initially, make a backup of your community database.
  • Stop your server after that.
  • the web enterprise module should then be installed.
  • your server, restart it
  • The subscription code for Odoo Enterprise should be entered.

Odoo provides three ways to switch Odoo Community to Enterprise:

  1. On Linux, using an installer
  2. On Linux, using the source code
  3. For Windows

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The features offered by the Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo 15 are amazing and more than enough to fulfill your business needs. Undoubtedly, the greatest business management software for 2022 is the Odoo 15 ERP system.

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