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Netradyne Interview Experience for SDE-1 (On-Campus) 2022

Team 4 - Web Technologies
Published: February 10, 2023

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Interview date: 3 Dec 2022

Technical Round 1 (45 mins)The interviewer started with his introduction and shared some achievements of the company. Then I started telling about myself while he kept asking general background check questions in between. Then he asked me to rate myself on my coding skills and according to that he decided to give me only 1 coding question but he wanted a full crystal clear explanation on pen paper.

I explained the given problem statement very well and discussed the edge case. The interviewer seems to be happy and satisfied. He also asked several HR kind of questions like where you see yourself after 5 years, and what are your short-term and long-term goals. This round ended on a very good note and I felt pretty confident for my further rounds.

Technical Round 2 (30 mins)The interviewer was in a hurry as he had to left for the airport, so I sensed he wasn’t much interested in an interview. Then he started looking into my resume and asked some superficial questions. Then he asked me to explain my projects and asked some questions about the technologies(MERN) used. He then gave me a puzzle

I started by taking examples like for n=2,3,4,5,6 and trying to find out some patterns. The interviewer was supportive as he was pretending as he is also solving that problem with me and also giving me some hints. 

HR Round (20 mins): He started with his introduction, meanwhile my interviewer from 1st round also joined us (idk why). I was happy with this as I knew he was happy with me and confident that he would have given positive feedback. Then he asked me to introduce myself and then started with normal HR questions. He also asked me whether I had any other offers.

General Tips:

  • Very well understanding of Data Structure and Algorithms. (They are interested in your problem-solving skills)
  • Practiced enough DSA questions on leetcode, GfG, etc.
  • You should know at least “What” of everything you have written in your resume. You should be able to explain it clearly.
  • Strongly prepare your basics, definitions, differences, etc.