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Must Have Skills For React Native Developer

Published: November 2, 2022

As technology is expanding, so are the developers. With a count of more than 26.8 million developers in the world and many more to come, the question of the technical skills required to be a developer is arising. Technology is at its peak and will rise with many amazing tools coming forward. React Native is one such. 

Must Have Skills For React Native Developer


This article will explain key points about React Native and describe the key technical skills required to be a react native developer.

What is React Native?

React Native, created by Meta, is an open-source, JavaScript framework to build UI (User Interfaces). Using this framework, you can build applications on any platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. React Native is the best choice in case you’re building a mobile application. For more details, refer to the article – Introduction to React Native.

React Native is used by several great companies like Facebook (Meta), Instagram, Flipkart, Uber, Skype, Walmart, and many others.

Features of React Native are:

  • Develops a seamless cross-platform application
  • Faster (Quick Refresh) and cheaper than others
  • Builds a responsive UI, reduces load time to a greater extent
  • Delivers best quality application with great functionality

Who’s a React Native Developer?

A React Native Developer is a developer who works on building UIs using React Native frameworks for different platforms. Basically, a front-end developer that works on the frontend part but also requires knowledge of APIs for integration purposes.

Now, that you know about React Native and who’s a React Native developer, it’s time to understand the technical skills required to be one. 

Technical Skills Required to Be a React Native Developer

1. Good Command of HTML, CSS & JavaScript, and Basics of React

Being a React Native developer, you need to have a good command of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And Javascript is the basic foundation (heart) for developing applications (cross-platform). Understanding JavaScript helps you to build components, and create entire applications. Also, you should be familiar with the basics of React. 

Note that React and React Native are two different technologies. Learning both technologies will help you to create reusable components that will further make your code easy to maintain and readable. As React Native is a cross-platform framework that uses JavaScript and React concepts to create native mobile apps.

2. React Native Framework 

Have a good grasp of React Native framework, try working on some small projects. Building projects using React Native framework will help you to understand the proper functioning, layout, and working of it. Not only the theory, but practical implementation is also needed to be a react native developer, and this can be achieved when you start building projects.

3. Experience With Platforms (Windows, iOS)

The most important skill you need to have to become a react native developer is hands-on experience with platforms. You should have prior experience working with Windows, iOS, Android, and other platforms. If not, gain experience by building some UI projects using React Native framework. 

4. Knowledge of Third-Party Dependencies and APIs

There are certain features that are not available in React Native, third party dependency plays a major role here. Third-party dependency helps you to add extra features to your app which are not available in the framework. Feature such as maps is not available in react native framework. Hence, you need to have good knowledge of some of the third-party dependencies for a complete feature-rich application. Also, APIs play an important role in cross-platform integration. Understanding of REST APIs and native APIs for integration with platforms. 

5. Tools

Knowledge of tools is a must in order to build a perfect website. Below mentioned are some of the tools that you should know as a developer:

  • Redux – An open-source, JavaScript-based tool for building databases. It can be used for both client-side as well as server-side development.
  • Jest – A JavaScript testing framework designed in such a way as to ensure the correctness of the JavaScript codebase. For quick results, it helps the developer to write tests using approachable, feature-rich APIs.
  • ESLint – A tool used for identifying and reporting mistakes found in JavaScript/ECMAScript code. 
  • ES6 – ECMAScript, published in 2015, was created to standardize JavaScript, its earlier version was ES5. 

6. Testing and Debugging

Errors are confirmed when you build an application. In this scenario, you must have debugging skills to check the bugs/errors and rectify them at the same time. Testing your code in different scenarios is also a must as your website should work in all conditions. These skills are needed for smooth functioning and proper working. Hence, excellent knowledge of testing and debugging skills is required if you want to become a React Native developer. 

7. Performance Optimization

The most important skill every React Native developer must have is performance optimization. Your application should work at its best under all conditions. When your application is ready, the last stage comes when the optimization is checked. The time taken in loading, redirecting, and refreshing are some of the factors which fall under the performance optimization category. A high-performance app is preferable.