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Mentor Graphics Interview Experience DEV for Internship (On-Campus) 2022

Akanksha Singh
Published: May 19, 2022

Round 1: First round was an online test. It was conducted on the HackerEarth platform. This round consisted of 22 questions in which:

  • 20 – MCQs(10 Technical – JAVA, C++, C, Guessing output, 10 Aptitude )
  • Coding questions
    • One question on Dynamic Programing:
    • Another on bit Manipulation

You will get shortlisted if you can solve at least one coding question and manage to do well in MCQs. Results were announced after a week.

Round 2: For round 2 they have scheduled 2 interviews on the same within a gap of 1 hour. Both interviews were pretty much technical and coding questions (DSA).

Interview 1:The interviewer asked me to introduce myself then he jumped into asking a coding question on Binary trees. He wanted me to explain the approach and then wanted me to write the code (just the function).

Interview 2: Tell me about the most interesting project that you have done to date.

  • Coding question: You will be given a binary string, add one, and output the binary string.
  • What is a composition in java?
  • Composition vs Inheritance.
  • operating system scheduling algorithms

Results were announced the same day and the shortlisted students had to undergo Managerial Round, this was the last round.

Round 3(Managerial round): From reference as I was not shortlisted for further round.


  • Reading directory and file to count no. of words and add multithreading to it.
  • string rotation
    Implement stack
    One puzzle included cutting pizzas optimally.
  • Check if the two families are equal with the two classes given
    Person class-each person has some properties like age, name, etc. family class-which contains a collection of persons and subfamilies two families are equal if one family person’s properties match with the properties of the other family’s personality and their subfamilies match as well. A family can have any number of subfamilies.

The overall level of the interview was medium and DSA is always the key and most basic.