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Master Catalog in OroCommerce

himani gupta
Published: November 8, 2022

This mod will allow setting default product options from the admin panel. The admin can configure the default product option into each category. Configure the following settings:

Unit of quantity: In a unit of the quantity field, use the dropdown to set the unit of quantity at the category level. The unit of quantity represents the way the products are sold. It contains each, hour, item, kilogram, piece, set, and Parent Category.

Example: A single product can be sold in a unit of measure such as piece, each or item other product may be sold in a unit of sets.

The seller can choose the unit of quantity accordingly. Unit of quantity display on the product details page on the frontend.

Precision: Enter the quantity in the Precision field that a user may order or add to the shopping list.

Managed Inventory: Simply uncheck Use checkbox to open this field for editing and selecting. Select Yes if required to manage inventory for the product in the category else select No. By default Manage inventory select as “Parent Category“.

Highlight Low Inventory: This option indicated to wholesale buyers that there might not be enough product left in stock for their purchase.

Inventory threshold: Enter the minimum quantity of products to be considered in stock. In addition, you can select category level either as parent category or system configuration.

  • Parent Category: Inherits the value from the parent category.
  • System Config: Inherits the value from the system configuration.

Example: When items sold in Kg, you may need to define how many kgs are required in a package, in order for the package considered in stock.

Low Inventory Threshold: Enter the minimum stock level in this field, it will display a trigger warning message if reached to the defined level.

Decrement Inventory: In the decrement inventory section, use the dropdown to select decrement inventory upon the order or defined by the workflow.

You can select “On order submission” whether the inventory level should be updated when the order is placed for the particular quantity of the product units.

Backorders: When backorders select as “Yes” buyers can order product quantity when the product may not available in the stock or the inventory is low.

Note: If the decrement inventory has set “On order submission” and Backorders select as “Yes” then product quantity may display in negatives.

Minimum Quantity to order: Enter a number that buyers must purchase as a minimum. You can restrict the customer to buy a minimum number of the product.

Example: If you may only want to sell a product if customers buy a product is more than fifty then you need to define minimum quantity to order as fifty.

Maximum Quantity to order: Enter the maximum quantity of the order that customers can purchase for the order.

Is upcoming: This will indicate buyers that the product in this category is not available in stock currently. It might available later.

Moreover, you can choose the availability date & time when the product will be available in stock. To do this first you need to click on the checkbox to enable the field.

Then, select “Yes” in order to set available date & time.