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Magento iOS App Builder | Adobe Commerce iPhone Mobile App

Published: September 28, 2022

As m-commerce is becoming the primary source and channel for doing online business that’s why it is critical that every retail company in this world must have a mobile app.

Especially in developing regions like India, Indonesia, Africa and others where mobile commerce is the main medium for sale and purchase.

Almost all of the big online retailers are already having their smartphone apps on different platforms including Apple iOS and Google Android. Moreover, many of them are focusing more on a mobile app channel instead of their websites as the primary source for commerce.

So imagine if you are starting your own online business how can you opt for the same kind of tools and applications which are provided by the big players? This is a day-to-day question for every commerce startup.

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Open Source Mobile App Development

The simple answer to all those questions is “Open Source”. Most of the very popular commerce platform comes as open source and also they are free. I can name some of them like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Bagisto, WooCommerce and many more.

Anyone can build their web storefront using the above-listed platforms all of them are really good and popular.

Now, the big question that comes in is how you can build your very own iOS mobile app or Android mobile app using those platforms? The answer is the Mobikul App builder platform.

ios mobile app

Mobikul iOS app builder for Magento – As everyone knows that modern mobile era is dominated by two platforms iOS and Android. Therefore, you must have your commerce mobile app on both platforms.

Mobikul iOS mobile builder app provides state of the art iOS app development for your commerce store & you know what you can opt for the full source code of the Magento iOS mobile app.

Magento iOS app provides all of the features which a mature commerce mobile should have it:

  • Real time synchronisation between your web interface and mobile app.
  • Free (only one) payment gateway integration PayPal to bank integration.
  • Support for all of the devices from iPhone, iPad, and macOS (11 and later).
  • Easily customisable, with source code plan, so anyone can customise the iOS app for Magento.
  • Shipping integration from FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex and more.
  • Smooth UX
  • All kinds of language supported from RTL to LTR
  • All kinds of currencies are supported.

There are 100s of more features that exist in the Magento iOS app builder. Please visit the link for more information: