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Magento 2 Mobile App | Delivery Boy Mobile App

Zeba Hakim
Published: October 28, 2022

Here, both the app Magento 2 Mobile App Builder and Magento 2 Mobikul Delivery Boy App works simultaneously.

The customer can place their orders in Magento 2 Mobile App Builder which will reflect the same in Magento 2 Mobikul Delivery Boy App.

Note- The shipping method selected by the customer must be admin specified custom shipping method. This shipping method is defined by the admin.


Now, here in the delivery boy app, the admin receives the order. This order can be assigned to a delivery boy as per the availability of the delivery boy.


The delivery boy can receive the order delivery request as assigned by admin. Thus, allowing them to accept or decline the delivery as per the choice.


On the other hand, the customer can track the order same from the Magento 2 Mobile App Builder under the order section. The customer can trace the order from anywhere and anytime.


The customer can chat with the admin to avoid any sort of confusion related to the delivery of the order.