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Locate Your Store: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify

Faisal Yazdani
Published: November 11, 2022

Now provide your Seller store location to your customers so they can easily find nearby stores & get directions via google Maps using the Seller locator feature app.

Using the Multivendor Marketplace Store locator feature app, You as an admin can enable your sellers to add their Store location so the customer can locate their store using google Maps.

Please Note:- This feature app is free of cost but to use the feature app, you need to install the Locate Your Pickup Store app on your store i.e. $7 per month over and above your current Multivendor plan.
Suppose you opt for $45 USD per month plan, then, you will be charged $45+$7=$52 per month.

Now, Let’s understand how we can use this app with Multivendor Marketplace

Work Flow

To install this feature app you need to go to Admin Panel and select the feature app

Now from the feature app page you will get the option to enable this feature app.

Click on Agree to install the app on your Marketplace.

Once you install the app then admin will be able to see Store Locator configuration

By default, this configuration is enabled but admin can disable it at any time.

All the other admin side configurtion will be available on the Locate you Pick up store stand alone app for Shopify.

How Seller can add their Store location

There are two ways in the app through sellers can add their store location.

  • Default location
  • Custom location

Default location

Seller can add their default location as their Store location by going to their Seller Panel > Profile > Myaccount. On the redirected page click on the redirected page as shown below


Once you click on the Add Store locator you will get this pop-up4


You can also add latitude and longitude so that the map also appears in the pop up as shown below:

Click on the Save location to save the location in the store locator. You can also update the dfault location when you save it.

In case seller updates their address then they can update it using this button.

Custom locations

Seller can also add the store location on their own apart from their Seller address which they provided for their seller profile.

Please remember this option is only available when Admin have enabled Store Pick Up feature app.

To add this Seller need to go to Seller panel > Configuration > Location > Click on Add location Button


Click Save Changes. Now the seller will be able to see the location in the listing and add it to the store locator as shown in the picture.

If Seller has already add their location using Store Pick up app then they can simmilarly add it on the Store location app.


Save the location.

Admin Side Store location

All the saved location will be listed at the Locate your Pick up store Stand alone app on their Shopify end as shown in the below image


Admin won’t be able to Add/edit seller location from the admin panel or the stand alone app.

He/She can only activate or deactivate the Seller store location by clicking on the three dots as shown below:



Furthermore, if you will come across any question or issue, please raise a ticket a or send us an email at [email protected]