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Let’s make customer’s birthdays more special

Vashu Bhatt
Published: September 9, 2022

Birthday excitement is the next level of excitement as it comes once a year and every year it creates different memories with your close ones. Isn’t it a good idea for the Ecommerece Stores to celebrate their customer birthdays as well?

In this particular article, we are discussing how the store owner or the seller can make customer birthdays more special, please read the full article.

A year consists of 365 days and the most special day is someone’s birthday, birthday is the only day we are waiting for it and have lots of plans for the special day.

Everyone wants to be treated special on their birthday as it comes after a long time which means a year.

 customer's birthdays

Top reasons why everyone is waiting for their birthday

  • Everyone treats you special on your birthday.
  • Celebration is there with your family, friends and teammates.
  • The one whose birthday gets some presents, gifts and surprises from the guest, family, and friends.
  • A small get-together with your old friends and teammates.

What does Webkul offer to make your customer’s birthday more special?

We as a Webkul offer app for your online store on the Shopify platform name as a birthday reminder.

Purpose of the app, the main purpose of to make better relationships with your customer by sending them birthday wishes and discount coupons as a gift.

Admin can also configure the app and set the days before sending the emails to the customer also can add the customisable text as per the choice

Click here to know the installation and registration of the Webkul Birthday Discount App for Shopify.

Feature of the birthday reminder app.

  • Customers will receive emails with birthday reminders on their birthdays.
  • As “Birthday Gifts,” give clients discount coupons.
  • The owner of the business can set up the clients’ email preferences.
  • Customer birthdays can be bulk-uploaded by the store owner using CSV upload.

How admin can customize the text of birthday wishes?

Well the customer receives the birthday wishes mail along with the discount code and the admin can simply configure it to go to Shopify >> product auction app >> configuration > mail configuration.


How admin can create the discount for the customer?

So here, we are going to tell you how the admin can create the discount code for the customer as their birthday present.

Admin is having two options to create discounts for customers on their birthdays.

  • Automatic Discount Creation: shopify >> birthday reminder app >> configuration >> discount configuration.
 customer's birthdays
  • Manual discount creation: shopify >> birthday reminder app >> birthdays >> cview button for the selective customer >> assign coupon >> send disocunt.

How do customers receive birthday wishes and discount codes?

When the admin configures the app and setup the mail with the birthday wishes and discounts for their birthday.

As per the configuration, the customer will receive the mail as shown in the given image.

 customer's birthdays


If we talk about the point to point about this featured app, the birthday reminder feature is the best-suited app for the one who wants to connect with the customer and make a long-term relationship with customer.

This technique of sending birthday wishes along with discount coupon also leads to an increase in the sale of the store.


Thus, that’s all about the Let’s make customer’s birthdays more special – multi-vendor for Shopify If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket  [email protected].and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.