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Laravel eCommerce SaaS ABA Payment

Shivam Virmani
Published: December 21, 2022

The laravel eCommerce SaaS ABA Payment allows the admin to integrate the ABA payment gateway in the online store. Admin can allow the tenant to set up the payment method with the title and descriptions.

ABA Payment gateway is the ABA bank payment platform that helps to accept online payments. In this module, the admin/tenants must enter the Merchant Id and Key of the ABA PAY account to integrate this payment gateway with the website.

Note:- Admin/Tenant must be registered on the Aba website to get Merchant Id and keys.

Feature of Laravel eCommerce SaaS ABA Payment Gateway

  • Admin allows the tenant to set the Aba payment gateway module for their store.
  • Admin can enable/disable the payment solution.
  • Admin can check placed order details like invoices and transactions.
  • ABA payment gateway accepts all the cards that Aba supports


You will receive a zip folder after purchasing the extension. After that, successfully unzip the extension zip and then merge the “package” folder into the project root directory.

Goto config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’


Goto composer.json file and add the following line under ‘psr-4’


Run these commands below to complete the setup

composer dump-autoload
php artisan migrate
php artisan route:cache
php artisan vendor:publish --force

-> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.

Laravel e-commerce ABA payment gateway Configuration

After the successful command execution, you will see the Saas ABA Payment under the Configure>Sales>Payment Method.

You need to set the title and description for the ABA payment gateway.

Title:- Admin/Tenant can set the title for the customers.

Description:- Admin/Tenant can explain the ABA payment gateway method to the customer.


After that, you can enter your merchant ID and the Key to the ABA PAY account. You have to enter the Merchant ID and Keys.

Merchant ID:- Admin/tenant can enter their unique identification number.

Keys: Admin/tenant can key of the merchant ID.


You need to set all configurations and click on Save. After that, the customer can use the ABA payment option at the time of checkout.

Laravel ABA Payment Gateway at Frontend

After the configuration of the ABA payment method, the customer can add the product to their cart. After that, they can proceed to checkout which will redirect you to the checkout page.


Where customers will find the ABA Payment option under the payment method section.


After that, the customer can choose the payment method they need to click on the place order button. Their order will place accordingly.


That’s all for the Laravel eCommerce Saas ABA Payment Gateway, if you have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at