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IPL season strategies for success to win sales

Shivangi Kulshreshtha
Published: January 5, 2024

Cricket is something that everyone loves, and when it comes to cricket, the IPL season is always the initial thought. IPL is not just a game; it is a complete cricket commercial season, and people’s emotions are attached to it.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a men’s Twenty20 cricket league that is organized by India every year. It is world famous & is celebrated like a festival. Everybody gets glued to their screens to cheer their favorite teams and players.

With the IPL approaching, 10 teams will be competing against each other to win the season. We are here to guide you on how to boost your store sales during the hype.


Considering the idea of creating an online store

Are you thinking about stepping foot into the E-commerce business & want to start an online store?
Shopify is the ideal platform for your business, and this season is a great chance to launch your business. We have several suggestions for you to start your business during this hyped season.

PRINT ON DEMAND– The best business model that works in the IPL season is print on demand model. Fans purchase their favorite teams and players’ customized products like mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, flags, backpacks, notebooks, phone cover etc.

You can create custom products that will help you boost your sales & set up your E-commerce business during this globally hyped season.

DEALS- You can offer various deals during the IPL season which will help you to attract customers & retain them.

Have an existing store on Shopify

If you already have a Shopify online store and want to offer customers exciting deals and products during IPL, then this is the right spot for you. We have multiple apps that can enhance your business model and boost sales during the IPL season.



As mentioned above, selling print-on-demand products will drastically help you to boost your sales. Cricket fans love to have their favorite teams and players’ products like T-shirts, Mugs, Notebooks, etc.

Customers like to show their support to the fans and want to purchase custom-printed products then we have an app named CUSTOM PRODUCT BUILDER”. Using the custom builder app, you can offer personalized options like adding text & images to the products.


Shopping is all about deals and offers, and if customers receive exceptional deals and promotions during the IPL season, it’s like a cherry on top. This will enhance your customer purchase traffic and will boost your sales.

Webkul is here with an app named “LIGHTNING DEALS” to fulfill your idea of giving deals and discounts to cricket fans. Using our lightning deals app, you can add deals to your products by setting a “percentage” or “fixed” discount on it.
You select a date range on every deal to set its validity. These deals will be automatically enabled/disabled based on selected date ranges.


Everybody likes gifts especially when you are already excited and enthusiastic with the IPL fever.
This IPL season surprise your customers with gifts on each purchase will enhance your traffic and sales.

Webkul offers another exciting app named “GIFT ON ORDER” to offer additional gifts on purchases. Using our gift on order app, you can assign gifts to orders that exceed a set amount and much more.


We have an app named WEBKUL BUNDLE PRODUCTS” to create combos and bundles of products. Using our bundle app, you can create packs as well as combo products for sale on eCommerce stores with many more amazing features.

You can create combos of various products together which is a win-win situation for both the store owner and customers.


Wouldn’t be great if the customer could bid for their favorite team and player’s stuff. This will help you enhance your sales and business.

We have an app named “PRODUCT AUCTION” to allow you to add auctions to your products. Using our Product Auction App, you can enable the bidding feature on products he wants to go for auction and can monitor all the bids happening on the store from the app itself and much more.

Winding Up

As soon as the IPL season starts, customers will be ecstatic about their favorite teams and players. So it is a great time of the year to start a new online store or to grow an existing one.

Explore the future of e-commerce through Shopify and Webkul’s creative apps and take your online store to new heights.