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Infosys Interview Experience for DSE 2023

Published: August 8, 2022

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I participated in the InfyTQ certification exam conducted by Infosys for the 2023 batch. It was conducted on 7th Feb 2022. The Certification round consisted of 10 MCQs of Python (I had selected Python, Java is available too), 10 MCQs of DBMS, and 2 hands-on coding problems of Easy-Medium level. I was able to solve all MCQs and both the Coding Questions with 100% test cases passed. I had cleared the certification round and received an invitation for Advantage Round.

My Advantage round was conducted on 7th March 2022. The Advantage Round consisted of 3 coding questions out of which I was able to solve 1 problem with 100% test cases passed and another problem with 80% test cases passed. Then, after a month on 18th April 2022.  I received a Pre-Placement Interview (PPI) from Infosys for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer.

Originally, My interview was scheduled on 16th May 2022, but due to unknown reasons, I didn’t receive the link for the Interview. Then, on 2nd June 2022, the interview was finally conducted.

The Interview: The interview started with a greeting and ID verification. The entire interview was divided into 2 parts, Technical Interview, and an HR interview. Following were the questions asked me.

  • Technical Round:
    • Tell me something about yourself.
    • Asked me to explain my recent project.
      • My project was based on React.js
      • What are the modules you have implemented?
      • How this project, can be extended to the next level?
      • Which database have you used?
      • Future work of this project?
    • Which programming are you comfortable with? I told her to go with C++. 
    • What are the datatypes are there in C++?
    • Which access modifier is used in the Structs?
    • How is Structs is different from Classes?
    • What is Polymorphism and also explain its types?
  • HR Round:
    • Who is your ideal and why so?
    • How do you deal with failures?
    • Are you comfortable in relocating, in case the need arises?
    • Do you have any questions for me?

NOTE:- Just be thorough with all the concepts of OOPS, DBMS & Programming Language. Practice all the important Coding Questions. Be also prepared for HR. 

PS:- If you’re into Web-Development, make your Portfolio Website impressive. It will provide an edge in the interview. All the Best.

The interview lasted for around 20 minutes and I am looking forward to the results.